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Strap 116

unnamed; Tue, 02 May 2017 18:17

Model name : unnamed
Type : manual
Period/date : c. 1934/35
Gender : mens

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : Reinforced 14k wgf
Case Serial : 5358122
Case Style no : 79

Caliber : 885 - 15j, 3 adjts
Movement Maker : Gruen Guild
Movement Serial: 181691

Other info : The master book doesn't list this unnamed model as having a cal 885 ... but it exists...

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Veri-Thin Airman

strap 417; Sun, 23 April 2017 01:01

Model name : Veri-Thin Airman
Type : manual with sweep second
Period/date : 1940
Gender : mens

Case Maker : Star WCCo
Case Material : ygf on brass/Guildite back
Case Serial : 070899
Case Style no : 460

Caliber : 406ss; 15j
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: 5??528 - can't read 2 digits, wheel is in the way.

Other info :

[Picture caseback inside]- (forgot to take a photo) but here's a before cleaning the dial and after for now:
came with the gold filled link bracelet shown above.

Veri-Thin Airman-1940 ad pamphlet:

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Curvex Marshall

Thu, 20 April 2017 12:05

Model name :Marshall
Type :Curvex
Period/date :1945
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :10K GF over Sterling
Case Serial :G525443
Case Style no :449

Caliber :440
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

Need help IDing this model. Thank you!


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Dietrich Gruen (Up/Down)

Pocket Watch; Wed, 19 April 2017 19:03

Model name :Dietrich Gruen
Type :Pocket Watch
Period/date :
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :18K SG
Case Serial :1010979
Case Style no :

Caliber :
Movement Maker :not known but Meylan or Aggasiz are possibilities
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

Earlier I was unable to post pics of my watch so thanks to info I gleaned from other members postings, I emailed them to myself which allowed me to change the file size (I think) Confused .

YIPEE!! The pics uploaded with no problems. For all you collectors and watch admirers, please enjoy. As I stated in an earlier post, I am hoping someone can narrow down an insurance value for me. I think it's value is somewhere between $9000.00 and $19,500.00, depending on several variables I don't know the answers to; current gold prices, how many were manufactured, how many are in circulation, etc. It is my understanding from a collector in a different forum that most or all the production records were lost when the Norwood facility closed, so there may be no way to get the answer I am looking for, but any info is definitely appreciated.

Bob L.


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Strap 236

Standish; Sun, 16 April 2017 15:51

Model name : Standish
Type : manual
Period/date : c. 1935...
Gender : inanimate objects don't have a gender Very Happy

Case Maker : Solidarity
Case Material : 10k gf
Case Serial : 5479001
Case Style no : 705/142

Caliber : 703 , 7j
Movement Maker : Gruen Guild
Movement Serial: <none>

Bracelet : "Bruner Quality" metal link bracelet - "B/R" Logo: Brunner-Ritter

Other info : Goodly sized model. Larger than I'd expected - 1" x 1-1/8"

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Quadron 109

Fri, 07 April 2017 21:19

Model name :109
Type :Quadron
Period/date :1930's
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :14K GF reinforced with extra gold
Case Serial :5456634
Case Style no :109

Caliber :123
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:100162

Bracelet :

Other info :


Made a very nice acquisition for the collection just recently ... Quadron Model 109, lower right corner page 21 for those of you who have my book. Beautiful stacked case with claw lugs. Screams Art Deco! It has the Caliber 123. Light wear on case. Dial is an obvious refinish. I won't use the "R" word, but I think it's safe to say this is an elusive model; at least I haven't seen it pictured before in the forum. Bought if off a private collector. After 30 years of doing this, there are still surprises to be found!

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Gruen Super-G

Tue, 21 March 2017 00:56

Model name :Super-G
Type :Airflight
Period/date :1958
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :1108
Case Style no :

Caliber :420SS
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

I've recently inherited my grandfather's Gruen Airflight. He passed in 1960, and unfortunately my family has no knowledge of this watch's history. I recently had it restored, and the shop provided me the following numbers from inside the case:

Movement Caliber: 422RSS
Other Numbers: 130 / 422SS-108 / 19266

I'd greatly appreciate any information you could provide on the watch. Please note that the bracelet is new (Hirsch), not an original component. Thanks!


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Quadron 73 or 75 (See replies); Sun, 12 March 2017 03:13

Model name :Techni-Quadron
Type :Quadron
Period/date :1920's
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Unknown
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :877
Movement Maker :Jean Aegler
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

I was very happy to find this group.
I need help to identity my Grandfather's watch.If anyone would know the model and what it could be made from.
I don't have an antique watch repair shop near me and I am not comfortable taking the back off myself.I have searched best I can and have not found one exactly like it.
I have owned it for 40 years and to the best of my knowledge it is in original condition.
Any info on it much appreciated.

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VT Lexington

CAL 411; Fri, 17 February 2017 16:40

Model name :Lexington
Type :Veri-Thin
Period/date :1940's
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :411
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

So, in need of another minute hand, but would really like to know what the name of this is. I bought this on the swamp a few years again, and decided to get this up and running. This really runs beautifully and very accurate. Any information would be great. Ah, will be more than happy to purchase a minute hand from you.

Timeticker out!

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Gruen Wrist Watches Presentation

NAWCC 135 presentation and summary notes; Thu, 16 February 2017 00:43

Here is the presentation that Jack and I shared with the local chapter that you all were asking to see. I was waiting for the meeting summary notes to attach for you as well. We both had our collection of watches and Jack had a couple dozen advertisements for folks to look at.

I converted the presentation into PDF to reduce the size as it was rather large in the PP format. The Orné slide is not shown for it is copyrighted.

Let me know if you see any glaring errors that pop out, we might use it again in the future. We put it together rather quickly as most chapter programs do when they are first conceived.


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