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WR 696 - Veri -Thin Continental

Thu, 07 April 2016 22:37

Model name : Continental
Type : wristlet
Period/date : c. 1950
Gender : ladies

Case Maker : WBO (William B. Ogush Inc.)
Case Material : 10k yellow gold filled
Case Serial : 275-579
Case Style no : X74138

Caliber : 275 - Precision 17j - introduced in 1948.
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: O227245

Bracelet : lug width = 7/16"

Other info : MB shows this model also came in 14k gold (WG488).

[Picture ad] - I've never seen an advertisement for this model.


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Convertible Wristlet with cal 796

Sun, 03 April 2016 22:47

Model name : Convertible Wristlet
Type : plain round
Period/date : c.1918-
Gender : ladies

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : Pilot 25 year gold filled
Case Serial : 601147
Case Style no : none

Caliber : 796 : 15j, 3 adjts, 10 1/2'" - (also made with 17 jewels)
This caliber is illustrated in parts catalog but the movement is not marked - so could possibly a be a 794 or 795.

Movement Maker : Gruen Guild Factory "F" (Frey)
Movement Serial: none

Bracelet : The period-correct bracelet is possibly original to watch.
Latch is marked "Gold Top Strong-Hold". My first time seeing this type clasp.

Other info :

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Cartouche 339 & 343

Sat, 02 April 2016 23:26

These are 2 of the 8 similar models of the "sport wristlet" documented in the MB (pg# 200).

Model name : Cartouche 339 (brown strap) & 343 (black strap)
Type : Sport Wristlet with Crown-Guard case
Period/date : c.1935
Gender : ladies

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 14k reinforced - white gold filled
Case Serial : 5304847; 5305915 - 15j, 4 adjs
Case Style no : both 153/8

Caliber : 153
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: 1332979; 1334940

Bracelet : lug width = 16mm - fitted with non-original leather bands

Other info :

Image from the 1929 book:

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Strap 59

Fri, 01 April 2016 01:05

Model name : Strap 59
Type : wrist watch
Period/date : c.1925
Gender : men/women
Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 14k reinforced green gold (filled)
Case Serial : 5026526
Case Style no : 115/2

Caliber : Precision caliber 115 - 15j, 4 adjts, temp; 9 3/4'"
Movement Maker : Gruen Watch Co.
Movement Serial: 617067

Bracelet : 1/2" lug width. Fitted with an NOS Stylecraft leather band.
Crystal info: A low profile, perfect fit!

1920's | 8 comments

Strap 98

Tue, 02 February 2016 03:46

Model name : Strap 98
Type : Strap Watch
Period/date : Late 1920s
Gender : Men's

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 14k White Gold Filled
Case Serial : 5334212
Case Style no : Art Deco

Caliber : 179
Movement Maker : Marc Favre
Movement Serial: 1201235 (Best Guess)

Bracelet : Hadley Hadleyite (Base Metal or Chrome, but not WGF)
Other info : Sold on eBay December 14, 2015, for $310. The bracelet doesn't seem like the best match to me, but all things considered, I'm willing to believe it's original. In any event, it's hard to imagine a better example of what this model must have looked like when brand new.

Pictures posted with seller's permission.

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Strap 843

Curvex; Thu, 14 January 2016 00:27

Model name :Strap 843
Type :Curvex
Period/date :1954
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Jonell
Case Material :14K SG
Case Serial :M68128
Case Style no :760

Caliber :370
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

index.php?t=getfile&id=2667&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=2666&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=2665&private=0Any help would be greatly appreciated. Picked up this 14k Curvex with original box and papers. Never seen one like it and haven't been able to find any information on it. Thanks in advance.

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Autowind; Sun, 03 January 2016 15:58

Model name :Carlo
Type :Autowind
Period/date :1970's
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :780CD
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

I've recently been asked to help identify my late father's Gruen. I remember him wearing this piece in the '70s, but I don't know anything about the watch. Naturally, he didn't retain the original box or papers and the factory strap/bracelet is long gone. I received the two attached photos from my mother (forgive the blurriness) and would greatly appreciate any info that might point me in the right direction. Model name/number, movement details, approximate year of manufacture, etc.

Thanks for all!




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Gruen Airflight II

Mon, 28 December 2015 04:32

Model name :Airflight II
Type :Precision
Period/date :Late 1960
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

This Christmas I was up with my great-uncle and we were organizing some of his closets. We came across this watch and he can't even remember when/where he got it. It's still in the original case and looks like it has never been used. No wear or scratches at all and probably is the original band. Winds and runs just fine including the switching between 1-12 to 13-24. I've wound it and let it run the past couple days and it is keeping perfect time. I'm just looking for more info. I think I have IDed it as a Gruen Airflight but it seems like there are a bunch of varieties of those out there and besides the ad below, I haven't seen one identical to this watch. Any info is appreciated (including value estimates). Thanks!

Model name : Airlfight Jump Hour, Maybe Airflight II?
Type : Gold Wristwatch
Period/date : ?
Gender : Male


Watch in Case



Back. It has a little white sticker, not sure if I should peel it off to see if there's a serial number or something else engraved underneath?

Ad I found online, it looks just like this one which makes me think it's an Airflight II but I can't find any info on how that's different than a basic Airlfight

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Cartouche 107

Sister post to the Help Identifying Cartouche 163; Tue, 22 December 2015 04:04

This is the 2nd of two cartouche style Gruens I recently acquired. Looking for any history, year of manufacture, other information on this model.
Thanks in advance.

Inside case:
14 K. GOLD

Outside case back:

153 (under balance cock... could be 155)
134178 (or it could be 134/78)

GRUEN (under 12:00)


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Gruen Semithin Pocket Watch 756

Extra Thin as described; Mon, 14 December 2015 20:14

Model name :Semithin
Type : Pocket Watch
Period/date :1920's
Gender :Male

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :Gold Fill
Case Serial :676279
Case Style no :Open Face

Caliber :756
Movement Maker :Gruen Guild
Movement Serial:None found

Bracelet :N/A

Other info :This one interesting since it has "Extra Thin" stamped on the back. The 1926 Standardized Part List has it listed as a Semithin. This watch has the look of green gold. The bow and crown were replaced with yellow gold so I might be looking for suitable replacements. I love the patina of the dial! This is my first Gruen pocket watch. The local vendor gave a deal I couldn't refuse.

How many thins can you have? ;-)


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