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Long service box 2 part brown

Wed, 30 November 2022 20:34

Fake leather paper and wood box. Greek golden (faded) rim. Gruen service crest inside. Exists of two parts, bottom and lid. Inside the case there is a black velvet removable holder with two metal holders, wit a foldable part for presentation.

Period: 1920-1930
Watch type: men wrist watch (strap, f.e. Quadron)
Size: 21.5cm wide, 2cm high, 4.8 cm deep.
Patents: pat. Mar. 10. 1925 (USD66772 Harold R Haerr)

Box maker. Unkown.


1920s | 0 comments

E. Gubelin Lucerne

Marked DG&S on the movement; Fri, 04 November 2022 17:17

Here is an interesting one currently on the swamp. We've always seen these Gubelin's and the relationship to the guilds but this one has the Gruen markings to go with it.




Watches from the Guild | 3 comments

Gruen Guild Watch Service Box - Canada

1933; Sun, 16 October 2022 18:56

Period: 1933
Watch type: tbd
Size: tbd
Inventor: na
Patents: na

Time for me to share a box. But going for fastest post ever.
Side photo reads " 704s Rec'd Dec 30, 1933"




1930s | 8 comments

Strap 555 – Curvex 14K

Sat, 30 July 2022 14:00

Model name: yet unknown
Type: Curvex
Period/date: 1948
Gender: Male

Case Maker: William B. Ogush, Inc., New York
Case Material: 14K yellow gold
Case Serial: U25393
Case Style no: 440 - 584

Caliber: 440
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: B 7499

Bracelet: none

Other info:



This model is quite flat – unusual for a Curvex:





Inside there are two trademarks of William B. Ogush, Inc. (WBO in the following), the well-known WBO logo


and the lesser known “two diamonds” trademark of WBO:


I guess, the „two diamonds” brand was used to mark the case material – in this case, 14K gold.
A good abstract of WBO’s history was published in the „Cincinnati Enquirer“ of June 28, 1951:


There were two dial variants – the one shown with 12 numerals and a variation with markers and numerals (2-4-8-10-12):

1940's | 4 comments

Gruen Superior Verithin (LV)

Tue, 19 July 2022 17:59

Model name: Gruen Superior Verithin
Type: Pocket Watch
Period/date: 1900-1910, perhaps 1906-1907
Gender: Men's

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: 25 yr Gold Filled Amer. Made
Case Serial: 308892
Case Style no: n/a

Caliber: LV2, 16j, with swan neck regulator
Movement Maker: Gruen (unsigned)
Movement Serial: 330600 ?

Other info: I am not usually a pocket watch guy, but the Superior Verithin movement is an odd bird. Looking back, I've seen exactly 6. None captured on the forum so far (I think), and only a few oblique references. I'm hoping folks may have seen more & have more info. Only seller pics for now (with permission).


1910's and prior | 18 comments

The bat box

Tue, 19 July 2022 11:57

Now this can be called an innovative and unique watch box. Wonder if they made just one...

A solid gold autowind presented to Cincinnati Redlegs slugger Ted Kluszewski in November 1955. This "box" should be worth some money...


1950s | 2 comments

Unknown early ladies' caliber

Mon, 18 July 2022 02:44

Model name: --
Type: pocket watch
Period/date: c. 1910s
Gender: women

Caliber: unknown
Size: 10''' (22.5mm)
Jewel count: 16 or (more likely) 17
Movement Maker: unknown, possibly LeCoultre
Movement Serial: 7001
Movement markings: Gruen Adjusted Swiss


Condition: not running, lower balance pivot is mushroomed

1910's and prior | 6 comments

Unknown Sterling silver Mantouche ca1920

Cal 861 Large Cartouche aka Rectangular Wrist Watch; Wed, 06 July 2022 03:44

Model name: Unknown
Type: Large Cartouche / Rectangular Wrist Watch
Period/date: 1919-1922, likely 1920
Gender: Female?

Case Maker: Unmarked
Case Material: 0.935 sterling silver
Case Serial: 2931
Case Style no: n/a

Caliber: 861
Movement Maker: Factory L / ebauche or finished movement by Charles Hahn (Landeron)
Movement Serial: none on dial side; last 2 digits on parts are 89

Bracelet: aftermarket extensible link bracelet, with 1929 patent

Dial Maker: Albert (Albrecht) Beyeler-Favre, Geneve
Dial material: sterling

Other info: case is hinged at top and was assayed in Geneva. Last 2 digits of case number stamped on inside bezel corner, along with many hand inscriptions. Refinished dial. A clean, bright white dial was the first indication of trouble—and the print that is a later Gruen layout only makes it more difficult to ID. It should be fantasy script, I’m thinking


1920's | 6 comments

Gruen Strap 475 400C/526 Marcus

Thu, 30 June 2022 18:37

Model name: Marcus
Type: Strap 475
Period/date: c.1944
Gender: M

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: Sterling Rose/Coral 10K.GOLD FILLED
Case Serial: G475716
Case Style no: 526

Caliber: 400C
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: 2-593143

Bracelet: Kreisler Sterling Rose/Coral 10K GF "Basketweave"

Other info: Crystal W-C 4MA247[175], Bezel 27.6 x 20.7 x 5.1mm, Lug-to-lug 39mm, Lug Width 14mm.


1940's | 1 comment

Strap 110

Wed, 29 June 2022 18:20

Model name: strap 110
Type: strap
Period/date: 1928-1930?
Gender: male

Case Maker: wadsworth
Case Material: nickel
Case Serial: 8281395
Case Style no: 2

Caliber: 885
Movement Maker: fhf
Movement Serial: 181586


1930's | 19 comments

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