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~31mm guildite 460SS

model name?; Thu, 10 November 2022 16:40

so here's another that i've been wondering what name it was given.
don't know the year either, guessing it's maybe late 40s, or not much into the 1950s...?
i like the hands and the chamfered lugs.


Model Identification and discussion | 1 comment

pink & stainless pan american

Wed, 09 November 2022 19:55

this one needs a little help, hopefully i can get it on the wrist.
i have one that's all yellow as well, but this combo...i really like it.

wondering what year it is.

should the crown be pink? and with a gruen logo?
looks like the balance staff might be broken, could use a crystal, would really like to get the same profile...needs a seconds hand as well.








Model Identification and discussion | 4 comments

Gruen Veri Thin Pocket Watch

Information and Dating and Value requested ; Mon, 07 November 2022 23:18

Recently acquired from father in law this watch. Gruen Veri Thin pocket watch.
4-161-054. 17 Jewels. Switzerland. Unadjusted.
Have had it recently cleaned up and balance shaft repaired. Not sure if it’s gold filled case or solid gold. Looking for any info.


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Model Identification and discussion | 1 comment

E. Gubelin Lucerne

Marked DG&S on the movement; Fri, 04 November 2022 17:17

Here is an interesting one currently on the swamp. We've always seen these Gubelin's and the relationship to the guilds but this one has the Gruen markings to go with it.




Watches from the Guild | 3 comments

32mm sweep seconds guildite back marked 3357

identification help; Tue, 18 October 2022 17:45

measures 32.5mm, 460 this an Ace?








Model Identification and discussion | 7 comments

Gruen Guild Watch Service Box - Canada

1933; Sun, 16 October 2022 18:56

Period: 1933
Watch type: tbd
Size: tbd
Inventor: na
Patents: na

Time for me to share a box. But going for fastest post ever.
Side photo reads " 704s Rec'd Dec 30, 1933"




1930s | 8 comments

Gruen Submarine x3

Fri, 14 October 2022 17:15

so of course after 1 submarine came my way i just had to have more Rolling Eyes
no expert but the 1st and 2nd look orig to me, the 3rd i'm thinking is a redial?
was there a submarine available with that dial?







Model Identification and discussion | 12 comments

Strap 570

"Veri-Thin Pan American"; Mon, 03 October 2022 04:43

Gruens have many dial variants, so that's one reason we ID a Gruen by it's case. But what about when the watchcase looks like this?


No doubt a genuine model based off this photo from my copy of "Masterbook" (Flex bracelet dates to later period)


Did Gruen just slap on a diff dial on a Pan Am Ace case n call it good? Probably!

But the point of this post is to assign a name to my watch. This watch has an inscription with a date:1948.

First one I find with my model is August 1948. "Gruen Veri-Thin Pan American" Interesting but I too thought it must be a mistake.


Thought:1948 is a year that Gruen was the official timepiece of Pan American Airways.

Second ad is in June 48 for Father's Day sale.


Thought: While most Pan Ams are Veri-Thins, they are seldom advertised or classified this way. It usually goes in order Gruen Pan American "Ace". They keep calling Strap 570 model "Veri-Thin Pan American".

Third ad is June 1948 Father's Day again, wait is this a National ad campaign?


Normally three separate ads is enough for me to accept a Gruen Watch model name. But I'm STILL skeptical but important clue in that last ad; Esquire. Yes, Strap 570 featured in a nation wide ad campaign. What is the name of my watch?

Model Identification and discussion | 7 comments

Inherited Watch Identification and Valuation Info Requested

Ladies Precision 17 Jewels ; Thu, 15 September 2022 20:51

Good afternoon,
This watch was inherited from my Great Aunt in 2002. I am interested in identification and valuation of the piece, and I am not familiar with these processes.

Model name:

Case Maker:Gruen
Case Material:14k Gold (If I am understanding the stamps correctly)
Case Serial:
Case Style no: 668

Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: B947870


Other info:

Edited by admin: correction showing pictures in message

Model Identification and discussion | 2 comments

Gruen Dive Watch

Thu, 15 September 2022 18:28

I am trying to identify the model of this Gruen "Dive" watch.

It is marked on the face:

The rear outer case is marked:
All Stainless Steel
Swiss Made
Waterproof20 ATM

The inner rear case is unmarked.

It has a Gruen Caliber AS 1700 movement. I do not have the movement serial number.

The reason I am looking to precisely identify this watch model is that I have lost the watch bezel as you can see in the second picture. I think knowing the exact model may help in finding a replacement bezel

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Model Identification and discussion | 4 comments

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