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Cartouche 342 (modified)

Thu, 22 April 2021 18:06

Model named: Frank N. Stein
Type: Cartouche
Period/date: case ca 1928
Gender: Female (but big enough to be a man's)

Case Maker: Wadsworth / Gruen
Case Material: 14k reinforced gold filled
Case Serial: 5305616
Case Style no: 153 8

Caliber: 8357B (seventeen jewels)
Movement Maker: Aegler S.A. (Factory A)
Movement Serial: 1920616

Bracelet: aftermarket leather strap

Other info: Movement stamped "GXC" --> imported 1936 or after. I bought this for the 8357 movement. I hesitated to post it, as it appears to be a frankenwatch, but the case style is not present on the forum yet. Cartouche 342 is very similar to 345, but 345 has engraved sides in addition to a bracelet.

I am debating as to keeping it as a wearer. The size is actually quite nice on my wrist, and I like the look with the dial. I note there are a couple of Strap models that used caliber 835, so I figure Fred would probably be okay with it.


1920's | 6 comments

Dietrich Gruen patent model watch of 1887

Wed, 14 April 2021 18:25

The Smithsonian keeps adding images of its collection, this from the National Museum of American History:

The original movement submitted with Gruen's patent granted 10-25-1887 (US 372,261). It looks like serial number 28463. h_852280

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Oval Ribbon Wristlet

Wed, 14 April 2021 06:23

Model name: Oval Silk Ribbon Wristlet- Silver variant of Plate XXXII
Type: Wristlet
Period/date: 1915-1917
Gender: Female

Case Maker: Robert Gygax
Case Material: .935
Case Serial: 5
Case Style no: na

Caliber: 100
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet: Clasp stamped "Sterling", "D & C" for Daggett and Clap out of Attleboro, Mass

Other info: Rampant bear, 0.935, R.G., Gruen Watch Co, Suisse, 5











1910's and prior | 10 comments

The "Extra Precision" calibers - a complete list?

Mon, 05 April 2021 15:10

Howdy all,

I recently looked back at the 1939 parts catalog, and I noticed several other "Extra Precision" calibers I have not seen before. Trying to list them below. Any ones missing from the list?

The EPs in the 300 series are particularly intriguing. Does anyone have any info or setting bits images for the 333? (Edit: I found basic info for that one on a 2014 thread here)

1939 EP caliber list: posted means currently in our caliber database; known means that info (size/shape/jewels) is known about it but not yet in our caliber database.
-35 - posted
-50/52 - known (16 size, 19-21J)
-60 - possibly known/posted (similar to 35)
-87 - posted
-89 - posted
-305 - known (baguette, 17J)
-331 - known (baguette, 17J)
-333 - known (3L baguette)
-615 - posted
-839 - posted
-840/841 - posted
-843 - known (6L oval, similar to 839)
-845 - known (6L rectangle, similar to 841)
-847 - posted
-857 - posted
-UT (ultra thin pocket) - known
-UUT (ultra ultra thin pocket) - known
-DG (Dietrich Gruen pocket) - known
-Verithin VE (17-19-21J) - posted

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Gruen Autowind Strap 758

1952/53; Sun, 28 March 2021 19:58

Hello! My mother is visiting my grandmother and she sent me some pictures of one of his watches asking if I wanted it. My plan is to get it restored while keeping it as original as possible. I cannot find much information on the specific dial and was hoping you all may be able to help. Unfortunately I wont have the watch in hand until june to be able to open it and examine the movement. Any information at all would be great ( I realize that a restoration will cost more than the value of the watch most likely, but we wear watches that speak to us, sometime history is woth more than market value) Thanks!


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1950's and Up | 4 comments

Gruen Verithin Gold Model 25 years Identification

Would appreciate help on Identifying and getting information about a Gruen Verithin watch I inherited. Thank you; Fri, 26 March 2021 23:08

Model name: Gruen Watch Co
Type: Verithin
Period/date: unknown. possible pre 1935
Gender: male

Case Maker: Verithin
Case Material: Gold Filled
Case Serial: 317450
Case Style no: Model Gold Filled 25 yr

Caliber:15 Jewels?
Movement Maker: suisse adjusted
Movement Serial: 460315 or 460815


Other info: Really appreciate any help or information on how old it is or possible history. Sorry If I didn't answer the template correctly. I do not know much about watches but am learning a lot researching this beautiful watch. Thank you for your time.


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Model Identification and discussion | 4 comments

Green Leatherette Men's Service Box

Wed, 24 March 2021 15:10

Period: Guild
Watch type: Men's Wrist Watch
Size: 9 7/8" x 2 1/8" x 1"
Inventor: Unknown
Patents: Unknown
Box maker: Unknown

I'm putting this in the 1930s because my general sense is that before 1930, Gruen was pretty consistent in it's use of that dark brown tiger striped covering material. It seems like 1930 was around the time they started branching out with other colors and shapes.

I have looked long and hard at this box with a loupe in natural light and can find no markings whatsoever. If there ever was any identifying information, it must have been on a long gone sticker.

1930s | 4 comments

Verithin pocket watch round Louis 117

Fri, 12 March 2021 18:52

Model name: louis 117
Type: pocket watch
Period/date: 1923-1925
Gender: male

Case Maker: wadsworth
Case Material: ultra quality = white gold filled
Case Serial: 3007500
Case Style no: none

Caliber: V7 (center wheel jeweled so early model)
Movement Maker: marc favre?
Movement Serial: 612609

Other info: it looks brand new inside... has no watchmaker marks. Strange.


1920's | 10 comments

Strap 439

Thu, 11 March 2021 22:32

Model name: Dorchester
Type: Veri-Thin

Case Maker:Star Watch Case Co
Case Material:10k pink g f d, guildite back.
Case Serial:987179
Case Style no:473

Movement Maker:Gruen
Movement Serial:598740


Other info: Pink gold filled version of Strap 439.










1940's | 0 comments

Strap 250

Tue, 09 March 2021 22:13

Model name: Oxford

Case Maker:Gruen
Case Material:Guildite
Case Serial:6049294
Case Style no:154

Movement Maker:Gruen Lavina
Movement Serial:

Bracelet: Of period,likely original. Note small detail: I like how the u is flipped in Gruen on caseback.








1930's | 4 comments

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