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"Trooper" 440 Curvex style 450 family

Thu, 09 July 2020 19:40

Model name : Trooper
Type : Curvex
Period/date : 1940s to post-war
Gender : men's

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : either 14k gold, 10k gold, or 10k gold over sterling silver (all shown below)
Case Serial :
Case Style no : 450

Caliber : 440
Movement Maker : Gruen Precision factory
Movement Serial:





1940's | 11 comments

18J Extra Precision Oval (Unknown)

measures 18.6mm x 12.65mm or roughly 8.25L x 5.5L; Mon, 06 July 2020 00:57

Could this be Favre’s no. 15? Doesn’t seem to appear in the 1926 catalog.


The caliber database | 13 comments

Caliber 719 (15J) - 6.5L x 11L Oval (ETA 425)

Possibly Alpina; Thu, 02 July 2020 14:04

Another short-lived caliber from the early 1930s. Would it be Alpina? Just a guess based on the finishing, the “Gruen” only branding (no Guild or Watch Co), and the ETA ebauche. References point to ETA 425 as the compatible caliber (can’t verify beyond that too being available as 6.5L, also apparently as a 4.5L)

Seems have debuted for Gruen in 1930-1931. It was used in a limited number of models, have noted only style #s 69, 109, 123.

May have been discontinued within 1 year. Cartouches 504 & 505 are both style # 719/109, both listed in Master Book as caliber 719. But my only sightings all have 835Bs—backs still stamped 719/109 but with the correct movement slot for 835B. They have Gruen house case numbers close to the Master Book model cases (2136xxx vs 2131xxx). My highest actual 719 was case # 2126xxx. Suggestive of a hard conversion/disco.


The caliber database | 6 comments

Calibers 881 (7J) & 8357B (17J) - Guild 6.75L Rounded Cartouche (sisters to 15J 835B)

Aegler - Factory A; Wed, 01 July 2020 21:15

Here’s a caliber that came and went in a hurry: seemingly added & also discontinued in early to mid-30s.

This one bears only Gruen Guild marks (no A) and no full Aegler sn on bridges. Conoruma stamps. Presuming it is transitional, ca1933-35.

It is the 7J sister to the 835B (15J) and 8357B (17J) with same footprint. Compatible in size/shape to the 165, as well as its 163 & 153 round-edge variant predecessors. The 881SS was a sweep second variant.

Hope to add in other variants below.


The caliber database | 3 comments

Caliber 847 “Extra Precision” - 4.5L

Aegler ; Wed, 01 July 2020 06:30

18 Jewels
All Adjustments

This is the first caliber shown in the 1926 Standardized Parts Manual. Barney thought this would be an Aegler caliber, and based on the 4-digit front plate number I think that is true. I have not seen info on any equivalent Aegler caliber from Rolex or another brand.

It is listed as 4.5L. Measures 10.73x17.71mm. I’m guessing this one is ca1923-24.

I had 2 Gruen Factory parts envelopes for this one. They have “4.5L very high grade” written on the front. Thankfully, one of them had an hour wheel, so I’ve placed it on the movement to show. A few more parts before it’s running.


The caliber database | 0 comments

Caliber 879 — Guild A

Aegler 17J 4.5L baguette (Rolex 170); Sat, 27 June 2020 04:25

Switching gears from Favre at long last. This one seems to have come into the arsenal ca1930, building “new for 1931” models. The lowest sn I’ve seen is Dr. Ranfft’s example (1.939mm). Edit: I’ve now seen 879 with sn 1920828.

The below is about 17,000 Aegler numbers later than his, but now has a different patent stamp and a Conoruma hairspring. Edit: corrected my bad math, and note below is a movement that narrows the gap to within 5,400.

This one has a Stern 0.935 Sterling dial.

Not sure what “Size: M” is or what was stricken from the plate above it.


The caliber database | 6 comments

Rebberg sweep second nurse's "trench" watch

Thu, 25 June 2020 03:19

Here's a nice watch. Shows what Aegler was up to when they weren't building Rolexes, Gruens, or WSC Gruens. I don't think I've ever seen a Gruen-marked sweep second version.





Watches from the Guild | 4 comments

Caliber V7 17''' - pocket watch

Thu, 25 June 2020 02:07

Type : Pocket watch
Period/date : 1922-1930
Gender : Men's

Caliber : V7
Movement Maker : Precision factory (assumed)
Movement Serial: 601k-667k with interruptions

There are two basic types: early and late. They differ in that the early models have jewelled center wheels, while the late models have cap jewels on the escape wheels. The changeover was made during a large break in production between 616k (center wheel) and 642k (escape wheel cap).

The hairspring collet and balance staff also change at some point in production, probably the same point that the hairspring stud changes. Currently this is known to be between 607k and 609k. The early stud resembles that of the earlier production V4. Apologies for the lack of a picture. The later stud is triangular.

Early model


The caliber database | 10 comments

Gruen Guild Calibre 124

WSC-GRUEN; Thu, 18 June 2020 20:59

Gruen Guild 124.

Fifteen and Seventeen Jewels.

Nine Ligne.

Three Adjustments.

Noted interchangeability w/ Calibre 176.



The caliber database | 3 comments

Caliber 89 (Extra Precision) – 8.75'" 18J, All Adjustments

Thu, 18 June 2020 01:39

Hey Case, could I get some information (maybe a better picture) of the watch above? I don't have it or any run of women's watches in 147xxx.

The caliber database | 32 comments

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