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WR31 (32) Paris square

Ca1923; Fri, 25 September 2020 04:28

Model name : WR 31 engraved option (or WR32 with 31 dial)
Type : Paris square wristlet
Period/date : 1923
Gender : women’s

Case Maker : Wadsworth Gruen
Case Material : Ultra Quality GF
Case Serial : 731019
Case Style no : “8 3/4 Ligne W”

Caliber : 823
Movement Maker : Aegler
Movement Serial: not visible

Bracelet : none

Other info : the wire lugs are not solid. There’s a gap in the middle. Not sure about the dial.


1920's | 0 comments

Grey plastic BCN ladies with salmon velvet inside

Wed, 23 September 2020 09:00

Grey plastic ladies display case. Salmon/pink velvet watch holder. Case upper part has salmon velvet and cream silk with golden stripe in between.

Period : 1950-1955?
Watch type : Ladies unknown. Slim watch strap because holder is only 1cm wide
Size : D 8cm, H 3cm, W 13cm (front) and W 11cm (back)
Inventor : Blod & Blumenfeld (Assigned to Gruen Watch Co)
Patents : 166295.(Filed Sept 21 1950. Patent April 1 1952.)

Box maker : BCN (braun crystal manufacturing co)


She has a fatter sister (D 8,5cm, H 3,75 cm, W 11 cm (front) W 9cm (back)) made by ECB co.

1950s | 4 comments

Green black velvet

Tue, 22 September 2020 20:31

Green velvet top with black “rim”. Same in bottom. Hinged. Gruen service crest inside top. Gold(ish) bottom marked pat apld for and the letter N inside a circle.. Watch display holder from black velvet.

Period : 1930 - 1935
Watch type : Quadron
Size : L=6.75 cm W=12cm H=3.75 cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : pat. apl for, unknown

Box maker : a company starting with an N: F. H. Noble & Co., Chicago, Illinois


1930s | 5 comments

Day date at flea market!

Sun, 20 September 2020 00:59

/vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=7159&private=0Hello all, I got a precesion day date gold plated watch, it says water proof above the day, what year would it be? Manual 17 j?

Model Identification and discussion | 1 comment

Gruen "the Precision Watch" Box

BCN; Mon, 14 September 2020 18:17

Description. Plastic display box, outer paper box.

Period : Early 1950s.
Watch type : Unknown
Size : tbd
Inventor : Unknown
Patents : Unknown, "Pat Pend"

Box maker :BCN, "Made in USA"






1950s | 1 comment

Octagon Wristlet

Calibre 103; Fri, 11 September 2020 20:33

Model name : Unknown.
Type : Octagon Wristlet.
Period/date : Early 1920s
Gender : Female.

Case Maker :GRUEN
Case Material :18K White Gold, Platinum top, 12 diamond
Case Serial :9338
Case Style no :n/a

Caliber : 103
Movement Maker : Gruen W. Co
Movement Serial:n/a 15 JEWELS, 4 ADJS

Bracelet : TBD, not original.

Other info : Plat. Faced, Gruen, 9338, O 103. 18k. Gruen crown; not original.









One of the ads that Bernd found showing the closest match to this model. c; 1922.


Case also pointed out to me similarities in some of these from WCOW 1918. Diamond setting similar to 25E, among other things.


1920's | 8 comments

Gruen Exclusive Creation Box

Fri, 11 September 2020 06:01

Description; Red padded leather, red velvet insert.

Period : 1950 to 1953
Watch type : Men's Royalty Series
Size : TBD
Inventor : Unknown
Patents : Unknown

Box maker : Unknown.

Note similar Gruen font and header font in this ad from November 1947.






1950s | 3 comments

Where to find a correct band for Curvex Majesty?

Tue, 08 September 2020 22:17

A few months ago I was lucky to find a Curvex Majesty in very nice condition, I already posted it in a past thread but you can see it here:
As you can see the strap has a modern style that doesn't fit well with the watch, I was thinking to replace it with a vintage style strap that is more correct to the watch, but I don't know where to find one and neither how a 30s strap should look like. The band is 15mm large. Anyone can help?

Model Identification and discussion | 15 comments

Cal 328 - 4.5L 17J Baguette (327=15J, 329=7J)

Aegler-Rolex SA; Sat, 05 September 2020 19:01

Cal 328 and it’s more common sisters 327 & 329 share many features and parts with the 520 original lady Curvex caliber. 328 has unique parts, including conical escape pivots.

This example ca1937, stamped “328”. From the works & “last 4” digit dial side sn marking, the 328 was probably built by Aegler (formerly Factory A). It seems to be the next baguette evolution from the 879. I note only 1 master book model with the 328, and it used the 111 style number originally held by the 879. I do not yet have a 327 or 329 to compare markings.


The caliber database | 0 comments

Need any info on this beauty

Gruen Men Watch; Fri, 04 September 2020 11:02

It winds good. Keeps excellent time. Watch band is 10K gold. Have not open back of watch yet. Can anyone identify it.
Maybe tell me more. It sure is a beauty. I love it.

Model Identification and discussion | 2 comments

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