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Case openers

Fri, 21 February 2020 21:20

I have two of each so I can show both sides at the same time!

The round opener fits the Pan Americans, Triple Date, and Chronotimer. It doesn't fit the Airflight/Day-Nite.


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Unusual Ladies Wristwatch Box

Thu, 20 February 2020 17:45

Period : 1910s
Watch type : Ladies (watch shown is just for size reference)
Size : Approximately 4" x 3" x 1.5"
Inventor : Unknown
Patents : Unknown
Box maker : Unmarked

I have no idea what the "I.W. 1917" marking means. My best guess is that perhaps there was an option to personalize the box and that these are the original owners initials and the year of purchase/gifting.

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Curvex Box “Gray Egg” 1950 and later

Thu, 13 February 2020 17:25

Period : 1950 and later

Watch type : Gruen Curvex

Size : Height 11 cm (4 5/16”), Depth 7 cm (2 ¾”), width 5.4 cm (2 1/8”)

Inventor : Francis E. Blod and Alfred M. Blumenfeld

Patents : US Patent 2,667,967 and US Design Patent 161,898 (both applied on Sep. 21, 1950)

Box maker : Braun-Crystal Manufacturing Co. and BCN Design Products Inc., respectively

Shortly after application of the patents the box was already advertised. Shown here is an ad issued in “The Ohio Daily Express” of October 13, 1950.

The box was sold together with an outer box - it looked like this: ex-precision-gold-filled-watch/a/171820-73052.s

For more photos and for images of the patents see here: amp;goto=12119&#msg_12119






1950s | 9 comments

Box with display stand

Gruen Veri-Thin; Wed, 12 February 2020 21:15

A case that holds a pocketwatch and also serves as a display stand for the watch. The guarantee certificate is folded to the size of the box so you can see the number of jewels and adjusted positions.

Period : 1915-1923
Watch type : Pocketwatch
Size : 16
Inventor : Unknown
Patents : Unknown

Box maker : unknown






The dollar bill silver certificate piece in the bottom of the box is mystery.

1910s and prior | 4 comments

green black with silver rim

Wed, 12 February 2020 18:33

Gruen top and black bottom hinged. Silver rim. Watch display holder from black velvet with Gruen cincinati label. Booklet Gruen watch guild workshops guarantee (A198 43550). It says "over 60 years" in the manufacture of fine watches--> 1874+60=1934

Period : 1934 - ?
Watch type : ladies baguette
Size : L=7cm W=12.2cm Hfront=3.1cm Hback=5cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : unknown

Box maker : unknown


1930s | 4 comments

wristlet convertible

Wed, 12 February 2020 18:23

Fake leather wooden box in greyish/taupe color with a gold print. Also the text "gruen wristlet watch" on the front side. Has a metal push button to open te case. Inside the case there is a greyish velvet holder for a convertible watch, smal metal strap and ribbon strap. Has silk in the lid stamped "gruen wristlet watch".

Period : 1918 - 1923?
Watch type : ladies convertible wristlet
Size : W=14.3cm D=6.5cm H=2.5cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : unknown

Box maker : unknown


1910s and prior | 17 comments

metal fake brown leather

Wed, 12 February 2020 17:07

Brown fake leather metal box hinged. Black velvet insert stamped gruen in gold. Silk lining in the lid with text "Gruen Wrist Watch". With paperwork "How to care for your watch" (A30A).

Period : 1915-1920?
Watch type : ladies strap wrist watch
Size : L=5cm W=10.2cm H=2.1cm
Inventor : Harry J Farrington?
Patents : Pattent on hinge?

Box maker : Farrington
Farrington custom packaging is foundend in 1920's in Boston (Jamaica Plain sta 30). Was a manufacturer of wrapped metal shell cases f.e. jewelry boxes and eye glass cases.


1910s and prior | 4 comments

Box with strap holders

Tue, 11 February 2020 23:06

A case wherein the various wrist bands used with wrist watches can be retained. Watch holder notches lined with velvet with a pair of hooks for an extra strap/belt. Under this, place for 6
bands of various materials and colours Recessed with ribs/ridges. A part of these bands can be seen through a window in the velvet upper.

Period : 1922 - 1923?
Watch type : ladies wristwatch
Size : unknown
Inventor : Harold R. Haerr (assignor to the gruen watch company)
Patents : US1477481A (filed june 15 1922, patented dec 11 1923)

Box maker : unknown

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1920s | 1 comment

Paper box Gruen Time Hill

Tue, 11 February 2020 21:38

On the outer box is a picture of the front page of the Gruen book “A worthy Company of watchmakers”. This book is from 1918. The inner box is also made of cardboard. Missing the watch holder.

Period : 1918 - 1928?
Watch type : ladies silk ribbon wristlet (educated guess)
Size : outer box (H=4cm W=11cm D=7.5cm), inner box (H=3.8cm W=10.1cm D=5.4cm)
Inventor : unknown
Patents : unknown

Box maker : Dennison Mfg Company
Impressed in the bottom of the inner box is “Dennison maker”. The Dennison Mfg. Company started in 1844 when Aaron Dennison (a Boston jeweller) began to make paper boxes. His father (Andrew) and he made a machine to facilitatie the making of cardboard boxes. At the time most jewel boxes were imported. In 1863 the company produced lots of paper stuff (jewelry tages, display cards) and in 1914 crepe paper. One of the sales offices was in Cincinnati. Today the factory still exists in combination with Avery.


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template for BOX description

Tue, 11 February 2020 21:17

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