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Precision Caliber 90 / 91 / 92 / 93 (Gruen Watch Co.)

11'", 15 (90/91) or 17 (92/93) jewel, Manual wind; Mon, 07 October 2019 17:13

Based on the many discussions around cals 91-92-93 recently, wanted to share this example. Stamped as cal 92, seemingly cataloged as cal 93. Interesting setting mechanism.

Introduction date: 1911

Identification method: "92" stamped both on back of dial & between bridges. I also say caliber 93, as this appears to be an orphaned radium dial version of Strap model 12 (note hands vs Strap 11 shown with radium dial), which Master Book lists as caliber 93
Size: 11'"
Thickness: 4mm
Jewel marks: 17 Seventeen
Adj marks: Adjusted Temp
Other marks: movement # stamped on front plate & bridge, "Suisse" stamped on back plate near barrel bridge, "15078" stamped on back of dial (dial serial #??)
Example production date: 1923-1924, based on movement #

Dial feet locations: 1130 & 530 positions
Dial attachment means: side screws


The caliber database | 1 comment

Cal 450

Chronotimer; Sun, 06 October 2019 16:33

With thojil's post featuring what is likely Thieboud's prototype for the 1-button chronograph that Gruen produced, I thought the cal 450 should be in the database. amp; amp;start=0&

Incidentally, I think thojil shouldn't be allowed any more of these: &&srch=450#msg_239

I think though from thojil's watches, that it is plainly obvious that the 450 is developed in house. The prototype actually supports what is written in Pynson and Chaulmontet's Chronographs for Collectors. The 450 is not on Ranfft's site.

So here is the loose 450 that was on the swamp recently:

I also intend to figure out the disassembly of this watch. There is no technical information on the watch that I have been able to find.

The caliber database | 10 comments

Strap 61

Tue, 10 September 2019 23:23

Model name :Strap 61
Type :Strap
Period/date :1925-1927
Gender :Mens

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :Green Gold Filled
Case Serial :5094039 & 5094071
Case Style no :1

Caliber :707
Movement Maker :Lavina
Movement Serial:86839 & 75151

Bracelet :

Other info :

Two for one deal.


1920's | 2 comments

Strap 012 (1012)

Tue, 10 September 2019 16:28

Model name : Continental
Type : Wristwatch
Period/date :
Gender : M

Case Maker :
Case Material : 14k yellow/pink gold
Case Serial : none
Case Style no : 039 (1039)

Caliber : 422
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial: none

Bracelet : none

Other info : shown in master book as yellow gold, but this watch has a slight pink gold hue to case & hands. Hard to see in pics. Dial & hands also slight variation from 14kyg one in master book, perhaps the pink gold version.




1950's and Up | 1 comment

Wristlet 103

Sat, 07 September 2019 01:14

Model name :WR 103
Type :Wristlet
Period/date :
Gender :Ladies

Case Maker :Gruen
Case Material :White GF Ultra Quality
Case Serial :1029210
Case Style no :

Caliber :179
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:161570

Bracelet :




1920's | 16 comments

Cartouche 379

1929; Fri, 19 July 2019 21:10

Best I can see this watch dates from the 1920's although I can't find a match for the case or face. The movement appears to be a Cartouche 1077, 17 Jewel.
The case is stamped 18c (assumed white gold) The case serial is 18247. Currently does not run. Any additional information/value estimate would be appreciated.

Model name : Gruen Precision
Type : ???
Period/date : 1920's???
Gender : Ladies

Case Maker :
Case Material : 18c
Case Serial : 18247
Case Style no : ??

Caliber :
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial: 619628

Bracelet :

Other info :
Cartouche 17 jewel

[Picture Front]
[Picture caseback inside]
[Picture movement]
[Picture ad]
For named models, please include a source. This could be a book, an advertisement or an example seen on a website.

1920's | 5 comments

Gruen Anniversary

Royalty Series 1954; Sat, 18 May 2019 17:50

Today the postman brought me something new which has been my buy of the year.
It is a 14k white gold gents Gruen 21 jewel watch with 80 diamonds surrounding the Bezel.
The movement is a 3351, the case is made by Jonell, style number is 855. All valid markings on the case back there is no doubt that this is not a Frankenwatch. It can be dated towards about 1954 by the serial number which would be the 80th anniversary year of Gruen. So I think that the 80 diamonds are not a coincidene. Has anyone ever seen this model and can ID it?


1950's and Up | 17 comments


1927 - 1929; Wed, 01 May 2019 23:45

There's not much info on the Paladin. If anyone could help, I'm very new to watches. I am a very advanced coin collector in U.S. types.


1920's | 5 comments

Gruen Ranger

1936 - 1937; Mon, 04 March 2019 02:46

I won this one earlier in the week. Just waiting for it to show up on the doorstep.

Pretty sure that it is a strap 319. Shawkey's book indicates it should have a cal 581. But that is clearly a 704. Interestingly, there is no caliber number stamped into the case back. My other 704 in guildite; a "Master" per Barney's ID work amp; amp; amp;goto=8041&#msg_8041, also has no caliber number, just the crystal style number

Hoping someone has this one nailed down for a name.

I'll post more images when it arrives this week.

1930's | 2 comments

1894 Colombus Railway King

Thu, 28 February 2019 20:29

Model name : Columbus Watch CO
Type : Pocket Watch
Period/date : 1894-1895
Gender : Gents

Case Maker : Waltham
Case Material : Coin Silver
Case Serial : 4145
Case Style no : Closed Face Hunter

Caliber : Unknown
Movement Maker : Columbus
Movement Serial: 230256

Bracelet : None

Other info : Stamped "Railway King". For all who knows this could have been re-cased or even redialed. I've seen other examples with the locomotive dial. Stories of Hampden copyright infringements with the railway wording could make this one hidden from infringement.

Came with a dozen or so other very nice gems. I'd have to say I'm no PW collector but money will always make someone do what they never thought possible. Shocked Equate this transaction to the likes of buying Amazon stock today at the price when it went IPO, insane!




1910's and prior | 1 comment

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