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Strap 570

"Veri-Thin Pan American"; Mon, 03 October 2022 04:43

Gruens have many dial variants, so that's one reason we ID a Gruen by it's case. But what about when the watchcase looks like this?


No doubt a genuine model based off this photo from my copy of "Masterbook" (Flex bracelet dates to later period)


Did Gruen just slap on a diff dial on a Pan Am Ace case n call it good? Probably!

But the point of this post is to assign a name to my watch. This watch has an inscription with a date:1948.

First one I find with my model is August 1948. "Gruen Veri-Thin Pan American" Interesting but I too thought it must be a mistake.


Thought:1948 is a year that Gruen was the official timepiece of Pan American Airways.

Second ad is in June 48 for Father's Day sale.


Thought: While most Pan Ams are Veri-Thins, they are seldom advertised or classified this way. It usually goes in order Gruen Pan American "Ace". They keep calling Strap 570 model "Veri-Thin Pan American".

Third ad is June 1948 Father's Day again, wait is this a National ad campaign?


Normally three separate ads is enough for me to accept a Gruen Watch model name. But I'm STILL skeptical but important clue in that last ad; Esquire. Yes, Strap 570 featured in a nation wide ad campaign. What is the name of my watch?

1940's | 8 comments

Strap 555 – Curvex 14K

Sat, 30 July 2022 14:00

Model name: yet unknown
Type: Curvex
Period/date: 1948
Gender: Male

Case Maker: William B. Ogush, Inc., New York
Case Material: 14K yellow gold
Case Serial: U25393
Case Style no: 440 - 584

Caliber: 440
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: B 7499

Bracelet: none

Other info:



This model is quite flat – unusual for a Curvex:





Inside there are two trademarks of William B. Ogush, Inc. (WBO in the following), the well-known WBO logo


and the lesser known “two diamonds” trademark of WBO:


I guess, the „two diamonds” brand was used to mark the case material – in this case, 14K gold.
A good abstract of WBO’s history was published in the „Cincinnati Enquirer“ of June 28, 1951:


There were two dial variants – the one shown with 12 numerals and a variation with markers and numerals (2-4-8-10-12):

1940's | 4 comments

Gruen Superior Verithin (LV)

Tue, 19 July 2022 17:59

Model name: Gruen Superior Verithin
Type: Pocket Watch
Period/date: 1900-1910, perhaps 1906-1907
Gender: Men's

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: 25 yr Gold Filled Amer. Made
Case Serial: 308892
Case Style no: n/a

Caliber: LV2, 16j, with swan neck regulator
Movement Maker: Gruen (unsigned)
Movement Serial: 330600 ?

Other info: I am not usually a pocket watch guy, but the Superior Verithin movement is an odd bird. Looking back, I've seen exactly 6. None captured on the forum so far (I think), and only a few oblique references. I'm hoping folks may have seen more & have more info. Only seller pics for now (with permission).


1910's and prior | 18 comments

The bat box

Tue, 19 July 2022 11:57

Now this can be called an innovative and unique watch box. Wonder if they made just one...

A solid gold autowind presented to Cincinnati Redlegs slugger Ted Kluszewski in November 1955. This "box" should be worth some money...


1950s | 2 comments

Unknown early ladies' caliber

Mon, 18 July 2022 02:44

Model name: --
Type: pocket watch
Period/date: c. 1910s
Gender: women

Caliber: unknown
Size: 10''' (22.5mm)
Jewel count: 16 or (more likely) 17
Movement Maker: unknown, possibly LeCoultre
Movement Serial: 7001
Movement markings: Gruen Adjusted Swiss


Condition: not running, lower balance pivot is mushroomed

1910's and prior | 6 comments

Unknown Sterling silver Mantouche ca1920

Cal 861 Large Cartouche aka Rectangular Wrist Watch; Wed, 06 July 2022 03:44

Model name: Unknown
Type: Large Cartouche / Rectangular Wrist Watch
Period/date: 1919-1922, likely 1920
Gender: Female?

Case Maker: Unmarked
Case Material: 0.935 sterling silver
Case Serial: 2931
Case Style no: n/a

Caliber: 861
Movement Maker: Factory L / ebauche or finished movement by Charles Hahn (Landeron)
Movement Serial: none on dial side; last 2 digits on parts are 89

Bracelet: aftermarket extensible link bracelet, with 1929 patent

Dial Maker: Albert (Albrecht) Beyeler-Favre, Geneve
Dial material: sterling

Other info: case is hinged at top and was assayed in Geneva. Last 2 digits of case number stamped on inside bezel corner, along with many hand inscriptions. Refinished dial. A clean, bright white dial was the first indication of trouble—and the print that is a later Gruen layout only makes it more difficult to ID. It should be fantasy script, I’m thinking


1920's | 7 comments

Gruen Strap 475 400C/526 Marcus

Thu, 30 June 2022 18:37

Model name: Marcus
Type: Strap 475
Period/date: c.1944
Gender: M

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: Sterling Rose/Coral 10K.GOLD FILLED
Case Serial: G475716
Case Style no: 526

Caliber: 400C
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: 2-593143

Bracelet: Kreisler Sterling Rose/Coral 10K GF "Basketweave"

Other info: Crystal W-C 4MA247[175], Bezel 27.6 x 20.7 x 5.1mm, Lug-to-lug 39mm, Lug Width 14mm.


1940's | 1 comment

Strap 110

Wed, 29 June 2022 18:20

Model name: strap 110
Type: strap
Period/date: 1928-1930?
Gender: male

Case Maker: wadsworth
Case Material: nickel
Case Serial: 8281395
Case Style no: 2

Caliber: 885
Movement Maker: fhf
Movement Serial: 181586


1930's | 25 comments

High oblique service box 2

Wed, 29 June 2022 17:55

Fake leather paper and wood box. discoloured double golden rim. loose insert watch holder. Gruen service crest inside.

Period : 1925-1930
Watch type : unknown (cartouche or baguette with ribbon or bracelet?)
Size : 11.1cm wide, 4 cm high, 6.3 cm deep. Insert 7.5x2.1
Inventor : unknown
Patents : No date or patent mentioned on the box.

Box maker : unknown


1920s | 2 comments

Wooden crystal cabinet

Tue, 07 June 2022 20:47

Description: Brown wooden cabinet with two drawers with gold coloured knobs. Black/gold metal label with red/gold gruen service crest and text: “Standard forme shape crystals for gruen watches”. Brownred metal dividers.

Period: 1933 (highest style number is 139)
Content: odd shaped red label gruen crystals
Watch type: for pocket and wrist watches. Parts numbers 1 to 52 (first drawer) and 53 to 100 (second drawer).
Size: width=31.3 cm, depth=18.2cm, height= 8.5cm
Patents: unknown
Box maker: unknown


1930s | 9 comments

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