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Gruen 315(7)

Mon, 26 January 2015 17:46

The 315 is a 10 1/2 ligne, 15 jewel movement that is interchangeable with the 345 although this particular one may actually be a 3157 as it is a 17 jewel movement which is differentiated with having conical pivots. Parts of the 315 may also be interchangeable with the 344 , 347 & 3157 per the 1939 Material Catalogue. Mike B / Barry C have the initial production date as 1929 for this movement although i suspect this one may be from the early-mid 1930's. I'll add a 'dial off' photo at a later date.

Of course, after i posted this i saw Thojil's entry on the 3157! Embarrassed


EDIT: that i have the dial off, i seem to have a broken clutch lever? I am in need of a replacement if anyone has one??


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Pan American Official

Mon, 26 January 2015 16:32

Model name :Official
Type :Pan American
Period/date :1940
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :420SS
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

This watch was in a box with some old coins, Army ribbons and assorted stuff and packed in the bottom of a foot locker my father has had since the end of WWII - I never saw the watch when I was growing up and the foot locker has been in my basement for the last 20 years. I knew there was some old jewelry in there but never paid it much mind. Decided to go through it all and hand it off to my sons and when I turned the stem on the Gruen the second hand started and I found after all those years it works just fine. I've no idea what it is. The case measures 32mm, the back is marked Gruen, 10k gold filled and other than obviously being worn in its day there is no damage anywhere,crystal is intact, unscratched. What is it and could someone recommend a place I can send it, in trust, to get it cleaned and serviced?


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Wristlet 75

Sun, 28 December 2014 00:27

Model name :Wristlet 75
Type :Wristlet
Period/date :1925
Gender :Ladies

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :115
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Hello! The image below is of a Gruen that belonged to my wife's grandmother. It was given to my wife over Christmas. I'd love to get some info on what it is. I am on vacation and don't have my tools with me so I can't open it to take pics of movement and case back. Any help is appreciated!

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Curvex Grandee

Sat, 27 December 2014 01:51

Model name :Grandee
Type :Curvex
Period/date :1942
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :10K GF
Case Serial :G236132
Case Style no :417

Caliber :330
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

I got this watch off Ebay a few days ago. The pictures were of poor quality and little information in the description. I thought it was a 1941 Dunbar when I bid on it.
When I opened the watch I was pleasantly surprised to fine a clean looking 330 cal curvex with a case number 417. I think dial it is a redial. I do not know if it is the correct color? The case is in good condition. There is some brassing in the spring bar area, but not as bad as my photo appears to show. My questions are:

1. Is it a correct nice redial
2. Does this model have a name
3. What kind of a strap did it have? The lug attachment tapers down to 3 mm. Is the taper lug ends after market?


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Nurses Cartouche - 1929

Sat, 27 December 2014 00:39

Model name :Nurses Cartouche
Type :Cartouche
Period/date :1929
Gender :Ladies

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :14K GF reinforced with extra gold
Case Serial :5260785
Case Style no :

Caliber :835
Movement Maker :Jean Aegler
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

I picked up a nice Cartouche with an 835ss movement. After tearing it down and cleaning it runs pretty well but needs a new intermediate bridge and stem.

It looks like the watch in the 1929 advertisement. Does this watch have a model name other than what's in the ad?





1920's | 1 comment

Gruen Verithin Madretsch V3

Tue, 18 November 2014 00:12

One for the pocket watch specialists! I believe this is actually a 17 jewel Precision V3 Madretsch movement circa 1910 if i'm reading Thojil's post over on the NAWCC site correctly. Vendor indicates that it runs well but he had a problem getting the stem to set in correctly. Jack has pointed out that this being a positive set stem & needs to be in a case to work properly. And there was a suggestion that the wheels, the setting for the center wheel jewel and possibly the dial are all solid gold but i cant confirm that until i actually receive the movement from the vendor.


Next step will be to find a nice case for this movement...

The caliber database | 7 comments

ID'd my grandmother's watch - Venus

Fri, 24 October 2014 23:40

Model name : Venus
Type : Bagette
Period/date : 1930's
Gender : Woman's watch

Case Maker : Hallmarked Gruen
Case Material : 14k WGF
Case Serial :2193985
Case Style no :155/130

Caliber : case marked 155 movement present is cal 685 (7 jewels)
Movement Maker : Gruen but noted as Venus 55 in the Green Gruen Guide
Movement Serial: na

Bracelet : Appears to be stainless; might be original.
References: found in Barnett's Gruen The 1930's - A Decade of Watches, page 44

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------

Recently visited with my parents and my mom brought out a small box of old watches. One of which is a watch that belong to my grandmother.

Golly! There's a Gruen in the family.
Here is the front of the case...
Sorry about the reflection on the crystal.
Here's the inside...

As you can see there is a mismatch between the movement and the stampings in the case. And the shape of the movement.

So, Mike B was at my house this past weekend* and I brought this one out. He'd brought his copy of the master book and we looked it up. It should have a cal 155 inside not the 7 jewel cal 685. Unfortunately I forgot to write down the ID from the book. It is a model 8xx or something. Any want to help out with that?

According to my mom, her mother bought this watch just before meeting my grandfather; she needed a watch for her new job at the time and that is where they met. That dates this to 1932, which jives pretty well with the known data on the caliber. She wore it well into the 1960s when my Grandfather bought her a new watch. This time a Hamilton. My mom has that too; that thing is freakin' tiny.

I hope to get this back to my mom so she can wear it too. Hence I'm on the hunt for a 155.

*no this was not some dream, he was in Colorado visiting family and stopped in. Great visit!

edited to remove big fat mistake.
edit #2 - Added ID info at front of OP

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Autowind Triumph

Tue, 07 October 2014 23:24

Model name :Triumph
Type :Autowind
Period/date :1948-1950
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :10K GF
Case Serial :L152772
Case Style no :611

Caliber :470SS
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:1G 15505

Bracelet :

Would this be considered rare,super rare ?? I've not seen one before in the Gruen line.
Case is 10K GF 470ss/611 Mvt.#1G 15505 Any and all input is appreciated. Obviously I'm no photographer...


1950's and Up | 6 comments

Strap 675

Veri-Thin; Mon, 08 September 2014 01:10

Model name :Strap 675
Type :Veri-Thin
Period/date :1952
Gender :Gents

Case Maker :Wadsworth
Case Material :10K GF with guildite back
Case Serial :L252366
Case Style no :711

Caliber :435
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Hi - I'm new to the forum. I purchased this as part of a lot on eBay, and I was wondering if someone could help me identify it or point me to where I could look.


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Diamond Julia

Sat, 09 August 2014 21:51

Model name :Diamond Julia
Type :
Period/date :1960's
Gender :Ladies

Case Maker :Gruen
Case Material :14K SG
Case Serial :
Case Style no :

Caliber :225R
Movement Maker :Gruen
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Hi, my Dad gave this watch to my Mom many years ago, and she has passed it on to one of my daughters. It doesn't work, but appears intact, so I think it may only need cleaning. However, I want to be sure it is done properly, so am seeking advice on the model and on the best way to approach getting it in working order.

Inside the case, it reads:
Cased and timed in USA by Gruen watch co.
14K gold

On the movement, it reads:
17 seventeen jewels swiss
(on an angle there is a word) unadjusted
Gruen watch co.

thanks for any help,


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