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Import 274

Men's Rectangular Waterproof ; Tue, 15 July 2014 15:33

Model Name: Import 274
Type: Rectangular Waterproof
Period/date: Early 1950s, Possibly Late 1940s
Gender: Men's

Case Maker: Unknown, Possibly Gabus Freres
Case Material: Guildite (Stainless Steel)
Case Serial: 17934 B
Case Style no: N/A

Caliber: 430
Movement Maker: Gruen - Precision Factory
Movement Serial:

Bracelet: Aftermarket Leather Strap

Other Info: One of Gruen's few waterproof rectangular watches. Since a round screwback isn't an option, Gruen employed a system whereby brackets between the lugs push the caseback into the bezel and a rubber gastket under the crystal seals to the caseback, rendering the case (at least in theory) fairly waterproof. And there's also a split stem with a rubber gasket. I won't wear it diving, but I might wear it in the rain. Other brands, such as Wyler and Croton, had nearly identical models. In fact, the aftermarket crystal fitted to this watch, and the last one I owned, is the one sold for the Croton Aquatime. My speculation is that the case may have been made by Gabus Freres because I've seen one positive ID of a Gabus Freres case that had the same script for Guildite, but that's not enough to say for certain. I placed it in the early 1950s because I once had an example with a 1950 or 1951 dedication. But it certainly might have been around in the late 1940s.

1950's and Up | 9 comments

1937 Gruen Box

Fri, 27 June 2014 17:06

This popped up on eBay and I thought I'd post a picture for posterity. I've not seen a lot of Gruen boxes with original paperwork, so I'm never too sure what era a given box is appropriate for. Evidently, this version was in use in 1937. That is all.

1930s | 2 comments

Quadron 84

Fri, 20 June 2014 20:12

Model name : Quadron 84
Type : Quadron
Period/date : 1930
Gender : male

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 14k gold filled reinforced with extra gold (green gold)
Case Serial : 5441696
Case Style no : 8W

Caliber : 157
Movement Maker : Marc Favre et cie
Movement Serial: 1110838

Bracelet : Sturdy with sliding folding ratchet buckle and flattened heavy soldered curb link chain effect

Other info : No repair or cleaning marks inside the case!


1930's | 11 comments

Tank 9

my steal; Fri, 20 June 2014 19:20

Model name : Tank 9
Type : tank
Period/date : 1923-1930
Gender : male

Case Maker : Gruen
Case Material : 14k gold reinforced with metal (green gold filled)
Case Serial : 2003250
Case Style no : 55

Caliber : 99
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: -

Bracelet :

Other info : The method of constructing the Tank is patented Feb 16, 1926 by patent US1573134 "watchcase and process for making same".
This Tank has not the patented dust proof crown construction.


1920's | 12 comments

Veri-Thin Portia

Veri Thin 1941 484/210; Sun, 15 June 2014 17:40

Model name :Portia
Type :Veri-Thin
Period/date :1940's
Gender :

Case Maker :
Case Material :
Case Serial :
Case Style no :484

Caliber :210
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:

Bracelet :

Other info :

hundreds of pics looked over, many very similar,index.php?t=getfile&id=1548&private=0 but have never seen its twin, any help appreciated. Will try for clearer pics. Any idea on value?index.php?t=getfile&id=1549&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=1550&private=0

1940's | 2 comments

Strap 42

Wed, 04 June 2014 08:50

This cushion case arrived last week for which I had put in a very low bid and got it. It has the dial design and movement (Cal. 707) of a "Strap 41/42", but the case is not matching. That has the shape of a "Strap 17" or "24" in what I thought to be white gold filled. But the bezel and centre case are done in silver, which I have not been able to find in any of the ID guides as material for this case shape.

However it turned out to be a bit of a Franken watch unfortunately as the original case back is missing. The case back is in WGF and not Gruen Sad I'm pretty sure the rest is original though.

Anyway, after a partial refund and shipping it back being more expensive than what I paid for it I decided to keep it. At the end the strap only was already worth the money Twisted Evil.

So, can anybody ID this model assuming it has the original silver casing? I have found these cases in solid gold, gold filled and nickel, but not in silver.

p.s. if anybody has a scrap case for this... Smile

Picture is from the seller.

1920's | 4 comments

Curvex Regent, Calibre 311

Model ID; Sun, 04 May 2014 15:30

Anyone know the model name, approximate date for this watch?

Case style #273, Size 40mm lug to lug by 20mm wide excl. crown w/ 311 movement, 14K GF.



1930's | 2 comments

Cartouche 255

Tue, 29 April 2014 22:37

Model name : Car 255
Type : Cartouche
Period/date : ca 1929
Gender : Ladies

Case Maker : Gruen
Case Material : 14k white gold
Case Serial : 1237144
Case Style no : 107

Caliber : 155
Movement Maker : unknown
Movement Serial: -

Bracelet : Grosgrain band with Gruen clasp (not original). Original would have been 13mm grosgrain silk (see Master book) or mesh cord (Gruen guild 1929 book).

Other info : Crystal very thick and assumed to be a later replacement. Dial looks to be a redial. Engraved with a French name: Beatrice Guerout. History unknown.


From the Gruen guild 1929 book:

1920's | 5 comments

Caliber 400

New Watch Today; Sat, 05 April 2014 04:15

Picked up a Caliber 400 in a 305 case with Flex-Let bracelet today. Nice watch, but running a little slow after cleaning.

Model name : Sportsman
Type :
Period/date :1938 +/-
Gender : Gents

Case Maker : ?
Case Material : 10K GF/Gruen Guildite Base Metal
Case Serial : 2722099
Case Style no : 305

Caliber : 400
Movement Maker : GXC - Swiss
Movement Serial: 4-41660

Bracelet : Flex-Let

Other info : Very good condition Very Happy

1930's | 5 comments

Curvex "Model 530"

Sun, 30 March 2014 21:18

Model name : "Model 530"
Type : Curvex
Period/date : from 1947
Gender : male

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 10k Gold Filled
Case Serial : G787581
Case Style no : 440-499

Caliber : 440
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: 4321 A

Bracelet : Leather, 15mm lug width

Other info : Shown in Shawkey's Guide page 99. Although it seems to be a more common Curvex appearing frequently on eBay I have not been able to find a name in any of the ID guides.


1940's | 3 comments

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