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Show us your Gruen clocks

Tue, 28 June 2022 18:57

Here are some of the Gruen clocks I saw while browsing the vintage shop in the Cincinnati area. Love that Norwood clock!



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Glass jewels or rubies?

Fri, 17 June 2022 21:38

I have heard that it was common to use glass jewels for watches before 1935. But I would expect higher end watches like Gruen to use genuine or synthetic rubies.

What was used for Gruen movements?

If you look in the 1917 blue book they are showing jewels and rubies…
About the rubies they say finest or fine quality. The “jewels” material is not specified. Could be the difference between genuine and synthetic rubies.

From the 1929 guild book I would comclude all jewels were at that time rubies or diamonds.

What do you think?

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Wooden crystal cabinet

Tue, 07 June 2022 20:47

Description: Brown wooden cabinet with two drawers with gold coloured knobs. Black/gold metal label with red/gold gruen service crest and text: “Standard forme shape crystals for gruen watches”. Brownred metal dividers.

Period: 1933 (highest style number is 139)
Content: odd shaped red label gruen crystals
Watch type: for pocket and wrist watches. Parts numbers 1 to 52 (first drawer) and 53 to 100 (second drawer).
Size: width=31.3 cm, depth=18.2cm, height= 8.5cm
Patents: unknown
Box maker: unknown


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The Veri-Thin 'Adams'

Tue, 31 May 2022 22:52

Model name: 'Adams' with expansion band -or- Nimrod with leather strap
Type: Wristwatch Veri-Thin
Period/date: 1940-1944; the movement serial number is date estimated to early 1944.
Gender: mens'

Case Maker: Star Watch Case Company
Case Material: goldfill on silver and rhodum plated sterling case back*
Case Serial: 090790
Case Style no: 406-459

Caliber: 406
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: A328801

Bracelet: In both ads it is shown with an expansion type band for the VT Adams. The leather band on the watch as purchased, is 1940s era but is marked 'Waltham'. An obvious replacement. The ads for the VT Nimrod show a leather strap.

Other info: Identified in Shawkey's book as strap 418. page 131. Strap 418 is shown with a presumably an expansion band.

I found this in a pawn shop in Chicago this past weekend (May 29, 2022). Was an inexpensive buy. The tarnish to the case made me suspect that it was a war era watch with the silver alloy basemetal for the goldfill. Otherwise it is not the typical type or style that I collect.

[Picture Front]

[Picture caseback inside]

[Picture movement]

[Picture ad]
Advertisment from December 1942 clipped from the Chicago Tribune

Although not named, it is the same model shown in this May 1944 advert from the LA Times.

Barnett's 1940s Decade book shows a very different 'Adams' in 1948. Could also be confused with the contemporaneous 'Stuart' but that has ridges that run onto the case sides.

*some debate below on my metal assessment of the back. There are certainly examples of this watch where the case back is marked as sterling. Other examples that are clearly stainless steel Guildite.

also... edits to reflect Barney's below addition of the VT Nimrod ID.

1940's | 18 comments

Gruen WWII Advertisements

Mon, 30 May 2022 19:24

It being Memorial Day here in USA, I have decided to start something I have long wanted, a thread that has all of my Gruen WW2 ads in one location, seperate from the other Gruen 40's ads. Note, not chronologically. You may question the point of consolidating what is readily available scattered online. Like I said while this trips for me, you're all welcome to come along. Smile Many of these ads you will be familiar with, some not at all. Shocked
Please, keep in mind the timeframe, circumstances, and context of these ads. Wartime propaganda can be brutal, dark, possibly ugly, and very unPC.
Others are quite uplifting...... Some of these ads show watches, many do not. All have historic importance.

Time 1/44


Time 10/44


Time 11/44


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Pocket watch style numbers

Tue, 10 May 2022 03:52

I’ve found a few verithins and other pocket watches with style numbers. So far, they have all been missing from the style number tables. They are buried in my photos, so will have to add as I find. Only 2 for now.

I am also interested in these first two—style numbers 818 and 819–whether the crystal reference is different.



Second 385-819 example:

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0611, Gruen Precision Autowind, 470

Just found going through my fathers stuff. ; Sun, 08 May 2022 17:29

Hi, new member, have not been a watch collector. Going through my parents stuff I found a somewhat working 1948 Gruen Precision Autowind. It was either a gift to my father or a gift to my grandfather from my dad's uncle. Other than a vintage ad I found on line I know little about the watch. Currently it is slow, so it does not keep good time but it does work. I plan to take it to a watch repair person to see if they can adjust the movement.


Model Identification and discussion | 17 comments

Gruen Logan

1941; Sun, 08 May 2022 13:41

Model name: logan
Period/date: 1941
Gender: Male

Case Maker:
Case Material:
Case Serial: 4317859
Case Style no: 481

Caliber: 411C
Movement Maker:
Movement Serial: 358856

Bracelet: Leather

Other info: Missing crown and stem


Admin: updated info

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Gruen Curvex Ristside Driver

Sat, 07 May 2022 19:00

After the Curvex Majesty that I was able to find a couple of years ago, lately I fell in love with the Curvex Ristside Driver, especially the black dial "batwing" version.
Is it really comfortable to wear on the side of the wrist? Any info about this wonderful watch would be welcome, and also how much could be a fair price to pay for it just in case I will be able to find one (I know it's not an easy task, but who knows...)
Thank you in advance

Model Identification and discussion | 1 comment

Gruen Precision Stop Watch???

Looking for information on Gruen Stop Watch; Mon, 02 May 2022 19:13

Hello, I am new to this site. I am trying to get some info on a Gruen Precision Stop Watch that I have recently purchased. I have not been able to find any info or any pictures of a Gruen Stop Watch. Also this Stop Watch has a couple of interesting marks on it. On the face it is stamped with the CFL ( Canadian Football League ) logo that they used from 1969 to 2002. On the back is inscribed - ON LOAN FROM THE GRUEN WATCH COMPANY. On the bottom on the face at 6 o'clock it states Swiss Made. The watch is chrome fairly heavy and is in fine and looks like it is in unused condition. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.

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