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The Veri-Thin 'Adams'

Tue, 31 May 2022 22:52

Model name: 'Adams' with expansion band -or- Nimrod with leather strap
Type: Wristwatch Veri-Thin
Period/date: 1940-1944; the movement serial number is date estimated to early 1944.
Gender: mens'

Case Maker: Star Watch Case Company
Case Material: goldfill on silver and rhodum plated sterling case back*
Case Serial: 090790
Case Style no: 406-459

Caliber: 406
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: A328801

Bracelet: In both ads it is shown with an expansion type band for the VT Adams. The leather band on the watch as purchased, is 1940s era but is marked 'Waltham'. An obvious replacement. The ads for the VT Nimrod show a leather strap.

Other info: Identified in Shawkey's book as strap 418. page 131. Strap 418 is shown with a presumably an expansion band.

I found this in a pawn shop in Chicago this past weekend (May 29, 2022). Was an inexpensive buy. The tarnish to the case made me suspect that it was a war era watch with the silver alloy basemetal for the goldfill. Otherwise it is not the typical type or style that I collect.

[Picture Front]

[Picture caseback inside]

[Picture movement]

[Picture ad]
Advertisment from December 1942 clipped from the Chicago Tribune

Although not named, it is the same model shown in this May 1944 advert from the LA Times.

Barnett's 1940s Decade book shows a very different 'Adams' in 1948. Could also be confused with the contemporaneous 'Stuart' but that has ridges that run onto the case sides.

*some debate below on my metal assessment of the back. There are certainly examples of this watch where the case back is marked as sterling. Other examples that are clearly stainless steel Guildite.

also... edits to reflect Barney's below addition of the VT Nimrod ID.

1940's | 18 comments

Gruen Logan

1941; Sun, 08 May 2022 13:41

Model name: logan
Period/date: 1941
Gender: Male

Case Maker:
Case Material:
Case Serial: 4317859
Case Style no: 481

Caliber: 411C
Movement Maker:
Movement Serial: 358856

Bracelet: Leather

Other info: Missing crown and stem


Admin: updated info

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The Caliber UltraThin

Early variant, SN 41-42,5xx; Mon, 25 April 2022 23:46

Take two!

About 1,000 early UltraThins were made, between SN 41,000 and 42,500. They are impressively thin, and impeccably finished throughout. Some (perhaps half) are graded Extra Precision, like this one. It is unknown whether the later UltraThins in SN 148-150k and 185k are the same in all respects. There are also UltraThins at SN 13,7xx - another mystery how they compare.

Here's the dial. Showy, but understated.

The first issue makes its appearance - the movement runs +5 seconds a day across three positions in this regulator position. Bad restaffing, tsk, tsk. The "stud" by the balance cock is also too long, because it is actually just a screw that's been driven partway through the plate.

Ouch. Yes, that's epoxy, holding the balance jewel setting in place... who would do such a thing?! Both caps are messed up, and may not even be the right ones, or right screws... they sure don't seem to fit very well.

Of interest, the dial is marked with the movement serial number, and also has light cursive engraving that says "Gruen Su-" (cut off into the center hole) and then some stuff I can't make out (Gp 421???). You can kind of see it in the photo.

Don't get too carried away with this one - the delta across 5 positions is >250 seconds, and the beat error is so bad that it won't self-start, even at full wind. The dangers of shoddy watch repair... so much for Extra Precision!

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The Caliber 250 Dietrich Gruen

Variant without wind indicator; Mon, 25 April 2022 01:18

About 1,000 early UltraThins were made, between SN 41,000 and 42,500. They are impressively thin, and impeccably finished throughout. Some (though not this one) are graded Extra Precision. It is unknown whether the later UltraThins in SN 148-150k and 185k are the same in all respects.

Of interest, the dial is marked with the movement serial number, and also has a manufacturer's mark. It is a sterile dial on the front.

EDIT -- this is not an UltraThin, it is a caliber 250 without wind indicator.


The caliber database | 4 comments

Gruen Antimagnetic - 21RUBIS

Need Information; Mon, 11 April 2022 08:58


I'm an italian guy, and I've just received from my mother a Gruen "Antimagnetic" wristwatch that came from my grandpa, who exchange it with a pack of sigarette from american soldier during WWII.

I need your help to retrieve as much information as possibile about it.

Type: mechanical hand wind
Period/date: 1940?!?!?
Gender: MALE

Case Maker: I Don't Know
Case Material: BRASS
Case Serial: 54642
Case Style no: I Don't Know

Movement Maker: I Don't Know
Movement Serial: I Don't Know

Bracelet: Leather, but the one in the photo is not the original

Other info:


Thanks in advance!!!

Feel free to contact me for any question!

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Gruen Box

Box /Age/Era; Thu, 07 April 2022 14:05

/vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=9149&private=0I as wondering if anyone had any idea which decade this box might be from?

1960s and up | 9 comments

Paris Square - 1920's

Tue, 08 March 2022 02:25

This is an old family heirloom. It's unfortunately missing its crown. I'm looking for any information I can get to help me find a replacement crown. Age? Model? Etc..




1920's | 5 comments

Gruen Morocco

1955; Thu, 03 March 2022 21:04

I was hoping for some help identifying this watch and trying to determine its value. Thank you!

The case back is stamped “M93051” and “415 718”.


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Quadron 69

Fri, 25 February 2022 18:02

Model name: 69
Type: Quadron
Period/date: 1930's
Gender: Gents

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: 14K Reinforced with extra gold
Case Serial: 5417311
Case Style no: 84

Caliber: 157
Movement Maker: Marc Favre
Movement Serial: 1114544

Bracelet: Leather

Other info: This one has the dustproof crown. Cannot tell from the master book what number this is. Close to the 69 but the slim sub dial doesn't seem to fit any of the quadrons.






1930's | 4 comments

Gruen Annapolis

Thu, 24 February 2022 17:47

Model name: Annapolis
Type: Quadron
Period/date: 1930
Gender: Gents

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: 14K GF reinforced with extra gold
Case Serial: 5455598
Case Style no: 108

Caliber: 123
Movement Maker: Gruen Precision
Movement Serial: 700442

Bracelet: Chain

Other info: Information can be found in the reference section of the forum under the 1930's Advertisements. This is one of my keepers that I do wear, I love a good metal bracelet!





1930's | 7 comments

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