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Zephyr circa 1947

driver's style with hinging lugs; Fri, 21 June 2013 22:10

Here's another one from my inventory:

Model name : Strap 577 (from my Gruen book) advertised as the "Zephyr"
Type : Precision Veri Thin
Period/date : Circa 1947
Gender : Men's

Case Maker : Wadsworth
Case Material : 10kt gold filled front and back
Case Serial : G948968
Case Style no : 558

Caliber : 335
Movement Maker : Gruen, Switzerland. Later, these 335s were made at a Norwood, Ohio, facility, but this is a Swiss one
Movement Serial: 610384

Bracelet : none

Other info : (strictly my opinion here, folks): Gruen came out with several very handsome swivel lug driver's watches in the 1940s. I love this particular model because of the heavily scalloped bezel. It corresponds to "Strap Model 577" on page 145 (top center) of my Gruen book. If anyone knows whether this model was assigned a "name" by Gruen, let me know and i'll update this listing. Takes a 16mm band. I photographed the watch without the band to show off those lugs in all their glory. They span a whopping 53mm when measured end to end. (That's one mm longer than the Majesty!) Forum members have since ID'd this model as being the "Zephyr." Thank you for this. The ads show the watch with the band sliding underneath the lug rather than over the top like many of the other models of these drivers' watches. This is nice, because it shows the lugs nicely, rather than hide them.


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Gruen Barclay

many times called the "Spider"; Thu, 20 June 2013 17:48

Been absent for a while persuing other watches. I don't believe we have a "Barclay" on the record yet, so here's one I acquired back in 2010 and am getting ready for sale on my website. Bruce

Model name : Barclay
Type : Precision/Veri Thin
Period/date : 1950
Gender : men's

Case Maker : Jonell Watch Case Company
Case Material : 10kt yellow gold filled front and back
Case Serial : M43722
Case Style no : 723

Caliber :
Movement Maker : Gruen (at the Norwood Ohio facility, presumably, since this is not marked SWITZERLAND on the dial)
Movement Serial: unable to locate

Bracelet : leather band.

Other info : The following are my observtions/opinions only, and are not meant as gospel. The Barclay, which many dealers and collectors refer to as the "Spider," came out in the early 1950s (this one is circa 1950). It was an unsual watch, somewhat effeminate because of the delicate wire "cage" surrounding an otherwise round case. I love the engraving on this model. I'm guessing that "Sam" was an unusual guy in some way, hence the gift of Y.P Ceebs of an unsusual watch to an unusual guy! (The engraving states: "Sam. Just because you're you Y.P. Ceebs") The use of a tonneau-shaped movement inside a round case is also very intriguing, but one should remember that Gruen by this time was in financial straits and was probably using up stocks of existing movements in inventory any way they could. Today, the "Barclay" is one of Gruen's iconic watches, instantly recognizable by its distinictive shape. I think the copper color dial on this one is also unusual. Most of the other ones I have seen are either white or Butler (silvered) finish. This one is finished with a 16mm reddish-brown leather band.


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The caliber 126

DG&S movement; Thu, 20 June 2013 01:20

And even less info on this one....

15 jewel movement, 22.02mm diameter which i believe is 9 3/4 lignes?, If i recall correctly from the old site this was an Aegler movement from the mid-late 1920's. Speculators on the Bulova site seems to believe that this movement base was also used by Favre when they made movements for Bulova in the late 20's.


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The caliber 120

Guild movement; Thu, 20 June 2013 00:57

I dont have a lot of information on this one but someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words.... Razz
23.75mm diameter or 10 lignes (10 1/2 lignes per Bazzab)in size, 15 jewels and the movement number is just visible beside the escape wheel.


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The caliber 835

Guild movement; Mon, 17 June 2013 19:26

The Gruen 835 was made by Aegler starting approximately in 1924. It is also known as the Rolex 200 or Alpina 835. It is a 6.75 x 11" 15 jewel 4 adj movement bearing patent #+97101. All are marked with the movement number just below the balance wheel. EDIT: I understand that the 835B has interchangeable parts but apparently is a slightly different size. Still trying to find out more info on the 835B

I've got 3 different examples here with slightly different markings:


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Raised Dial Markers on Quadron

Sun, 16 June 2013 16:36

I have attached pictures of a Quadron that I picked along the way. This dial is different fro me because all the lettering / numbers are raised off the dial. I have not seen this in my short collection time. The middle of the dial seems to have a sterling silver insert as the finish / texture is different.

I would appreciate any help on this dial identification?

Happy Fathers Day to those dads who have so carefully crafted and nurtured the little people in their lives.

Model name : Gruen Precision
Type : Quadron
Period/date : 1930's
Gender : Mens

Case Maker : Pioneer
Case Material : Gold Filled
Case Serial : 75481
Case Style no :

Caliber : 123
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial:706445

Bracelet : N/A

Other info :


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The caliber 707

Guild-era movement; Sat, 15 June 2013 16:11

The caliber 707 is a 15 jewel movement and is 12-1/2 ligne or 28.4mm in diameter. The caliber 713 is a 7-jewel variant of this movement. Although these are commonly marked on the pillar plate with the caliber number, usually in the space between the escape wheel finger and the balance wheel, occasionally they are unmarked.
Photographs by MikeyT.

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The caliber 440

Curvex movement; Sat, 15 June 2013 16:01

The caliber 440 is 17 jewels and is 8-3/4 x 9-3/4 ligne or 19.4mm x22mm. It is the third Curvex movement that was produced by Gruen and shares parts with the caliber 430 and 435. This caliber is clearly marked with the number in the space between the barrel bridge and the balance cock.
Photo by ArtB

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The caliber 330

Curvex movement; Sat, 15 June 2013 15:54

The caliber 330 is 17 jewels and is 7-3/4 x 11 ligne or 17.2mm x 24.81mm. It is the second Curvex movement that was produced by Gruen. This caliber is usually marked with the number next to the mainspring barrel on the exposed underside of the top plate.
Photo by ArtB.

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The caliber 410

Thu, 13 June 2013 20:47

This is the caliber 410, a 17 jewel movement that is 10.5 ligne or 23.7mm in diameter. Almost all parts will interchange with others in the 405-series. The only difference between the 410 and the 420 is the size; other wise it is fully interchangeable. These movements are always marked with the caliber number in the space next to the balance wheel and the cap jewel for the escape wheel.
Photo by timeliz (Thank you!)

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