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Men's Pocket Watch Box

Wed, 08 December 2021 21:14

Description: Brown gents pocket watch box, paper clad over wood w/ Greek meandros. Fabric over hinge. Seen better days but consequently gives a good idea of materials.

Period: Mid 20;s ?
Watch type: Pocket watch

Box maker: unknown






1920s | 4 comments

Red-Violet/ Black Velvet Box

Wed, 08 December 2021 20:50

Description: Red Violet & Black Velvet Box. Similar boxes: &start=0& &start=0&

Period: 1934
Watch type: Ladies

Box maker:unknown






1930s | 2 comments

Gruen "Wristlet" Watch Box 2.

with outer Time Hill paper box; Sat, 13 November 2021 05:52

Description: This ones a bit different than other similar posted. Leather over wood. Removable insert. Centered "Gruen Wrislet Watch" on silk. Dot - diamond pattern on inside like Gary's example with ad: &start=0&

Not sure what to call top pattern.

Period: 1918 to 1922
Watch type:Wristlet

Box maker:na






1910s and prior | 4 comments

Princess by Gruen

Blue Precision Watch Box; Tue, 09 November 2021 18:46

Description - Princess by Gruen

Fairly large box for a ladies watch, 25 centimeters in length. The insert reads "$59.50 F.T.I." Federal Tax Included. The box inter shell is tin and has heavy metal hinges. The covering I have no clue of the material.

Period: 1950?
Watch type: Ladies?
Size: Unknown
Inventor: Unknown
Patents: Unknown

Box maker: Unknown






1950s | 4 comments

Gruen Curvex Royal 311

Sat, 06 November 2021 16:22

Hi All,

Purchased my first Gruen wristwatch! Looking for confirmation/completion of what I think I was able to identify below from here and other resources. Any other info you think might be helpful about this watch is appreciated too! I had a tough time finding much searching the "260" style number from the caseback, but the thread on here titled "Is this a curvex from 1936?" ID#12489 (sorry can't post links yet!) was helpful in identification. I'm also interested in what bands folks have chosen for the curvex, I'm not thrilled with expansion bands in general, this one seems to emphasize the narrow dimension rather than the long one. I've heard band choice can make a huge impact on these watches. Thanks!

Model name: Gruen Curvex Royal
Period/date: 1936 or 1937
Gender: M

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: 14k GF
Case Serial: 2368309
Case Style no: 260

Caliber: 311
Movement Maker: Gruen
Movement Serial: 367178

Bracelet: A&Z Azium expansion band


1930's | 18 comments

Cannon pinion remover

Wed, 03 November 2021 22:48

I dont like cannon pinions when they are stuck.

Gruen did have a tool for it (even patented). Does anyone have one of these?

Gruen Watchmaking Tools | 4 comments

cartouche 37

Wed, 03 November 2021 22:34

Model name: car. 37
Type: cartouche
Period/date: end of 1923
Gender: female

Case Maker: wadsworth
Case Material: 14k gold reinforced with metal
Case Serial: 761996
Case Style no: 59

Caliber: 833 (15 jewels, 4 adjts)
Movement Maker: aegler
Movement Serial: none

Bracelet: black ribbon with B&N 1-10 k pat 830021? Clasp

Other: nice scratched numbers inside bezel


Edit: named! (Or should say, numbered)

1920's | 12 comments

Unknown Wristlet with enamel

Wed, 03 November 2021 22:02

Model name: unknown
Type: wristlet
Period/date: 1915-1925?
Gender: Ladies

Case Maker: Wadsworth
Case Material: Gruen Ultra Quality white gold filled (W inside case) with black enamel
Case Serial: 746300
Case Style no: none

Caliber: gruen guild 819? 15 jewels 4 adjts —> case mentions 819 1/2
Movement Maker : Aegler (Gruen Guild)
Movement Serial: none

Bracelet: ribbon strap with 18K clasp

Other: it looks like the fifteen and four texts were later added on the movement. Hands probably replaced.


1920's | 10 comments

Two-Diamond Brookline - possible Baguette 519

Sat, 30 October 2021 15:09

Thanks to Barney for help possibly ID'ing this one!

Model name: Unknown, a diamond variant of Baguette 75 (Brookline)
Type: Baguette
Period/date: circa 1933-1934
Gender: Ladies

Case Maker: Gruen
Case Material: --k Gold Filled (no numbers)
Case Serial: 2240302
Case Style no: 134

Caliber: 327
Movement Maker: ?
Movement Serial: 255895

Bracelet: Sturdy Allegheny, marked "patent pending" (possible reference to US2082621, filed 6/1933)


Other info: Baguette 75 shows the same stair-step case decoration, caliber 327, "filled w-y" implying two-tone. Baguette 519 image is missing from book. Its description matches Bag 75, and the 500s models do appear to be slightly dressed-up diamond gold filled variants of others. It is possible this was a Bag 75 that was later "pimped out." IMO, the cleanness of the diamond mounts & borders mean this was made like this at the start. But the fact it isn't two-tone may negate that.

Dial is a match to Bag 72--also a 327 with same style #--so I think it is original/interchangeable.

1930's | 8 comments

Gruen "Wristlet" Watch Box

Fri, 29 October 2021 20:39

Description: ok, trying to catalog more of my boxes for the box ppl.
I would describe this as light olive green leather over wood.
I'd appreciate any feedback and expertise on putting a date to this box

Period:1912- 1922?
Watch type: Wristlet.
Size: the usual, but tall.

Box maker:






1910s and prior | 5 comments

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