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Anomalous UltraThin movement

Sat, 12 February 2022 17:01

See this Ebay listing: 325034100713

The serial is in a range that has never previously been seen with the UltraThin (or any other Precision pocket watch) caliber, and the engraving and markings are rather unique.

Just wanted to point it out.

For posterity:
The watch is an UltraThin (late) caliber, 19 jewels, marked Extra Precision but the Precision mark is engraved rather than stamped. The oddest part is its serial of 185672.

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Help IDing grandpa's old Gruen

Fri, 11 February 2022 04:21

Hi does anyone know perhaps what year and model this watch is? It was my grandpa's and I'm guessing 1940s or 1950s? I haven't dared to try opening the back yet as I am new to the watch world. Gruen 14K is etched very small along the top of the back face.


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Caliber 3251

21 jewel variant of the 325; Sun, 23 January 2022 03:57

Following the more recent posts to the caliber database...

Caliber: 3251 or 325-1 for the 21 jewel version; 325 for the 17 jewel version
Movement supplied by: Unknown
Size: 8-3/4 x 12 ligne
Jewel Markings: 21 Jewels
Adj Markings: 5 Adj
Config: tonneau
Dial feet: 11 & 5 positions
Example date: circa 1937

The cal 325 is 17 jewel version. The 3251 has in addition, a jeweled center wheel (2) and capped jewels on the the pallet (4).
Both versions have a capped escape wheel (4).

Shown here is the 21 jewel version:

*just acquired this movement and was looking through the other posts. Did not see this model in the DB nor could I find a post that shows the top and bottom.

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Veri-thin Lexington like

Tue, 18 January 2022 01:37

This watch came to me and satisfies two itches... OK three. One, it has the dial and fonts like a VT Lexington. two, it has a name and service number engraved and three it is a Gruen....

Except for the fact that it is not quite like the Lexington that was first advertised in 1941. Here is a side by side:

Here is a side by side and the difference is subtle. The case diameters are (L) 31.6 mm and (R) 28.5 mm without the crown. The dial has sight differences. The seconds track is larger on the left watch. Also look at the arrangement of the 7. Note that the 5 and 7 are not touching the seconds track on the right one.
The less subtle difference is that one is a 'Precision' marked dial, and contains a 410 caliber. The other is a 411.
The Lexington was advertised starting in 1941 with the spread in Life Magazine, 8 Sept 1941 which has the range of military themed watches.
Not the location and spacing of the numbers

In 1944, the Lexington is still being sold, per a fold out that Bazzab posted.
It is seeming the same watch as the 1941. See this:

So... with the slight changes in the dial, is this still a Lexington? Shall we call it the VT Lexington II?

Here are two more ads that show the Lexington:
February 1942:

and May 1944:

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452 SS 21 Jewel

Identification ; Mon, 10 January 2022 00:51

Long time no see!!! Sheesh! Had my knee replaced, dealing with cancer and other fun stuff! 8 months to go for retirement from the good old Army!!! Anyway, I have this 452SS 21 jewel that I’ve never seen before??? Any clues?

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1954 Dial ID

Tue, 04 January 2022 19:18

A member at the VWF posted this, asking if anybody knows what model this dial matches. Evidently no movement, just the dial and hands. Since the Orange Bowl is on January 1, I would assume that this was a 1954 watch. I thought I'd post it here as well, since not all of us are active over there.

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Newspaper clippings for Autowinds

looking for the early ones.; Sun, 02 January 2022 23:12

I've a handful of the cal 460 autowind models. Recently started using the subscription service for Newspapers (dot) com to look for advertisements and other things (found my swimming events/times from high school). Here are a couple I found that I had not see before; also gives the name for my favorite of the 460 models (one on the left).

Earliest one I can find, is Feb. 1948 and shows a 14K model that is a match to Import 267. The next one is from March 1948 but just generically refers to the watch as "Autowind" however, I think this is the AW "Helmsman" that is shown, but the others named at the bottom of the advert are also interesting even for no image shown.

The AW "Pilot" is the case style as mine and different dials seem to appear with that name. This was later changed to the "TWA Pilot" It is apparent to me that this is Import 265 as shown in Shawkey's book.

I think the AW "Mariner" is import 267 and the "Traveler" is Import 266. Both are 14k cases and the Mariner has a list price at the time for $200. So it is a guess...

The AW "Helmsman" is a match to Import 271.

Here is an ad from June 1948, that very closely looks like mine in the "pilot" case but there is no name in the ad.

This advertisement from Nov. 1949, calls it a TWA Captain, but the dial is different from mine and the one in the other ad shown by in the link above.

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Gruen Pilgrim

1952; Sun, 02 January 2022 15:07

I bought a bag of watches at a flea market cheap. This one works. Seems to run good. I am checking if it keeps time or needs to be adjusted but it runs so I would assume at worst it needs a cleaning and time adjust. But I can not find out what model this is and if there is any value. Thanks for any help.


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Evans Watch sub-brand ?

Wed, 29 December 2021 16:07

It's been a while since i was last here and I'm glad to see this forum is doing well! I had someone tell me that Gruen used to produce Evans watches as a sub-brand and I cant say I've heard that before. The Mikrolisk trademark site does show this connection but doesn't provide a date/era. Anyone have information on this connection?

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Blue velvet cushion

Sat, 11 December 2021 20:58

Blue velvet ladies display case. With silver Gruen sticker at the front. Cushion rounded shape. Inside is a blue velvet watch holder on beige lining. Off white in the top lit with the Gruen crest logo and Gruen text.

Period: 1950-1955 or maybe before 1950
Watch type: ladies unknown.
Size: D 7.5cm, H 4.0 cm and W 13.2 cm
Inventor: unknown
Patents: unknown

Box maker: unknown


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