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Cartouche 260 - diamonds with enamel

Wed, 15 September 2021 18:17

Model name: cartouche 260
Type: cartouche
Period/date: 1927/1928
Gender: ladies

Case Maker: gruen
Case Material: 14k white gold
Case Serial: 1146665
Case Style no: 66

Caliber: 107 (precision 17 jewels)
Movement Maker: gruen
Movement Serial: 618155

Bracelet: tbd

Other info: 6 diamonds and inlaid black enamel


1920's | 15 comments

Gruen article on watch boxes. May 1931.

Wed, 15 September 2021 17:16

Article on Gruen boxes that gives insight into relationship w Star Case Co & ID's Star as maker of one type of Baguette box, a Carré box, and cedar lined Quad box.


1930s | 4 comments

Red & cream Plaskon boxes - ribbon identifier

Wed, 15 September 2021 01:58

Here are the men’s and women’s boxes, I think early 1940s. Outer box style was used for several years with different interiors.

On this version, ribbon identifies if it is Precision or Veri-Thin. The men’s measures 3.75” x 5.75”, the women’s 2.875” x 4.75”, and there is a different holder for the watch. I have one with a broken base, and I found a mark imprinted in the glue residue: “Rathbun”, from somewhere in NY. Could that be the maker?

Period: 1940s
Watch type: Verithin & Precision
Size: men’s/women’s wristies
Inventor: ??
Patents: ??

Box maker: possibly Rathbun


1940s | 5 comments

Import Tank

14k green gold; Wed, 08 September 2021 18:01

A new addition today. I'd like to give it a name, but I'm coming up with bupkes. I've checked the Master Book, 1927 Stock Record Book, and the 1920s advertisements thread to no avail.

All I can say is that it runs a cal. 98, has a June 8, 1926, inscription, and a 14k green gold Swiss case with a four-digit serial number of 7979. And the presumably original B&N buckle has no patent date, rather patent pending. It would presumably have been a Strap model, because I don't think the Import designation existed this early. But it might also predate the Strap designation. Tough to say exactly what was going on in the early 1920s (and the inscription gives the latest possible date, but I'm open to the possibility that it was actually made a few years earlier). Here are a couple of pics:
And if you think the case and buckle look like they're tinted blue and purple, they are. All I know is that the previous owner stored his watches in felt-lined leather binders, and all the green watches developed this patina. I'm bummed that it'll probably fade with use, but enjoying the look for now.

I'm not sure anybody's going to find anything on it, but if anybody has a cache of mid-1920s ads that haven't been posted, let me know if you find anything. If nothing turns up, I'll do an entry in the 1920s database. I'd prefer to have an ID first, but not holding my breath on this one.

1920's | 23 comments

Gruen Mystery Dial

1958; Thu, 22 July 2021 00:38

Model name: Unsure
Type: Mystery Dial
Period/date: Unsure// maybe 50's?
Gender: Male

Case Maker:
Case Material:
Case Serial: J63809
Case Style no: 068

Movement Maker: Unsure
Movement Serial: Unsure

Bracelet:Unoriginal Spiedel expansion

Other info: Dial is almost like a "pan". Ball hour marker and spoon shaped hand that curves over the ball. The gold plate on top has posts drilled into the crystal. I wasn't expecting such a small movement is a rather big case. Please let me know if any other information is needed. Thank you.

1950's and Up | 10 comments

Gruen Lady Pocket / Pendant watch by Georgine Pau

Thu, 01 July 2021 14:11

Here's one for the ladies!

Model name: unknown
Type: pocket/pendant
Period/date: 1916-1921
Gender: Lady

Case Maker: Madame Georgine Pau, Geneve
Case Material: 935 “extra” Sterling
Case Serial: 40
Case Style no: n/a

Caliber: 611 or 610, with sub-seconds
Movement Maker: Watch Specialties
Movement Serial: 29347 (or 29 347)

Bracelet: n/a

Other info: The watch measures about 1 1/8" across. Case signed "Watch Specialties Co.", matching movement. Dial back stamped "46." It appears to have had something around the outside (possibly a decorative wrap of gold?) which was held with two screws through the case. It has a hinged top & a metal insert to hold the movement that is stamped with the case number.


1910's and prior | 4 comments

Gruen Pan American

Fri, 21 May 2021 02:23

/vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=8199&private=0Hi everyone,
Just wanted to get some opinions if I could on whether or not you guys figure this is original?
Thanks very much in advance for any opinions!
I will get a movement shot soon Smile

1940's | 22 comments

Plate 26E

Thu, 13 May 2021 21:00

Model name: plate 26-E - Tonneau style
Type: ribbon wristwatch
Period/date: 1918 - ?
Gender: female

Case Maker: unknown
Case Material: 14kt green gold
Case Serial: 58
Case Style no: not on case, but in gruen guild book description - OS2

Caliber: 101 (15 jewels, 4 adjts)
Movement Maker:
Movement Serial: -

Bracelet: GF Bruner-Ritter with Bretton’s famous supermatic safety catch (pat pending 1947). To open, simply slide it in the direction of the wybert shape and lift up.

Other: the case serial is inside the case and on the back of the dial. “Exploded” roman dial. Platinized or silver.



1910's and prior | 3 comments

Long service box

Wed, 12 May 2021 18:32

Fake leather paper and wood box. Greek golden rim. Gruen service crest inside. Has a metal push button to open te case. Inside the case there is a black velvet removable holder for a wrist watch. With an insert. Gruen wrist watch guarentee A71-1125120.

Period: 1925- 1930
Watch type: men wrist watch
Size: 15.6cm wide, 2.65cm high, 5.9 cm deep.
Inventor: unknown
Patents: pat. Mar. 10. 1925 (USD66772 Harold R Haerr)

Box maker: Unkown.


1920s | 9 comments

Veri-Thin Scientist

When is an Import not an import?; Wed, 05 May 2021 13:57

Model name: Veri-Thin Scientist
Type: variant of Import # 252 (or 245 or 249, per below)
Period/date: 1941-1943
Gender: Men’s

Case Maker: Pioneer
Case Material: 10k Pink GF / Guildite back -- bezel appears to be sterling base, from the discoloration
Case Serial: 6029908
Case Style no: 411SS-494

Caliber: 410SS Precision (17j)
Movement Maker: Gruen Watch Co
Movement Serial: 714682

Bracelet: 12k pink gold filled "grains of rice" link bracelet

Other info: Stamped with US patent # 2,229,979, covering the case design by Pioneer Watch Case Company.


1940's | 15 comments

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