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Unknown 18J 8L Caliber (Possibly 857 Extra Precision)

Sat, 28 November 2020 02:53

Here’s a movement I don’t recall seeing before. Listing reports ~17.5mm, which would be 7 3/4 ligne. Lever set. Only seller pics for now.

Anyone familiar with this one? The font & sn suggest Meylan, while the center bridge seems an Agassiz style.


The caliber database | 32 comments

Blue diamond ring

Sat, 31 October 2020 21:47

A Gruen blue river guaranteed diamond ring. Fashioned for the Fifth Avenue Platinum Shops (15W 47th NY). Flower design with 7 small diamonds.

Model: diamond ladies ring with Cathedral Setting
Period: 1927-1932
Material: 14K white gold. River diamonds.
Size: flower H= 9mm, W=9m. Ringsize 6.
Marked: gruen

Other: one of the old terms for the color grade was River. This was for al diamond found in a rivers bed (or alluvial deposits). Before the GIA color grading terminology for diamonds the term “bluewhite” was used to describe the finest highly transparent clear color. In today’s GIA color the River is an E or F (colourless group). Original prices of these rings were $50 or up.


Proud owner Very Happy

Gruen Non Horological Related Products | 5 comments

Carre triangle

The making of; Thu, 29 October 2020 23:00

A triangular display box. Probably made from wood lined with paper. Light/middle brown? Black velvet insert.

Period : 1930-1934?
Watch type : pocket watch unisex gruen carre
Size : ca L=3.3 cm W=13.2 cm H=6.6 cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : unknown

Box maker : unknown

Other : I don’t have this box (yet). Never seen one in the wild. But I do want it!

Picture from the box in a window display (from a picture matthias found).

Another view on Lola Lane’s lap can be found here

1930s | 13 comments

Brown ladies wrist watch Box

With sweet detail; Fri, 23 October 2020 15:02

Fake leather wooden box in brown color with a gold print. Has a metal push button to open te case. Inside the case there is a brown velvet holder for a wrist watch (Ribbon? ). The velvet holder cant be removed. Has silk in the lid stamped "gruen wristlet watch" and has golden dots. Sweet red rose poetry album sticker in the lid.

Period : 1910?- 1920?
Watch type : ladies wrist watch
Size : W=10,3cm D=5.3cm H=2.3cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : unknown

Box maker : unknown

Watch assumed not to be original for this box, but came with it.

1910s and prior | 2 comments

Gruen Webster

1956; Thu, 01 October 2020 18:40

Hello all! New to this forum and hoping for some help. Recently received this watch after my grandmother passed. This was my grandfather's watch, who passed 10 years ago, that he won at a Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association tournament in 1956.

I have been doing some research for the past few weeks but haven't been able to locate much information on the watch. It was in pretty rough shape upon receipt and didn't run. I don't know much about watches so I was unable to get the case open to get additional pictures. The watch is currently with a local repair shop to get cleaned up and running again. I am hoping to get some pictures from them of the case and movement to help with my research.

Being from Cincinnati and the watch being won in Cincinnati with the Gruen history, I have been fascinated with it, to say the least. Any help provided is greatly appreciated!



1950's and Up | 4 comments

WR31 (32) Paris square

Ca1923; Fri, 25 September 2020 04:28

Model name : WR 31 engraved option (or WR32 with 31 dial)
Type : Paris square wristlet
Period/date : 1923
Gender : women’s

Case Maker : Wadsworth Gruen
Case Material : Ultra Quality GF
Case Serial : 731019
Case Style no : “8 3/4 Ligne W”

Caliber : 823
Movement Maker : Aegler
Movement Serial: not visible

Bracelet : none

Other info : the wire lugs are not solid. There’s a gap in the middle. Not sure about the dial.


1920's | 0 comments

Grey plastic BCN ladies with salmon velvet inside

Wed, 23 September 2020 09:00

Grey plastic ladies display case. Salmon/pink velvet watch holder. Case upper part has salmon velvet and cream silk with golden stripe in between.

Period : 1950-1955?
Watch type : Ladies unknown. Slim watch strap because holder is only 1cm wide
Size : D 8cm, H 3cm, W 13cm (front) and W 11cm (back)
Inventor : Blod & Blumenfeld (Assigned to Gruen Watch Co)
Patents : 166295.(Filed Sept 21 1950. Patent April 1 1952.)

Box maker : BCN (braun crystal manufacturing co)


She has a fatter sister (D 8,5cm, H 3,75 cm, W 11 cm (front) W 9cm (back)) made by ECB co.

1950s | 4 comments

Green black velvet

Tue, 22 September 2020 20:31

Green velvet top with black “rim”. Same in bottom. Hinged. Gruen service crest inside top. Gold(ish) bottom marked pat apld for and the letter N inside a circle.. Watch display holder from black velvet.

Period : 1930 - 1935
Watch type : Quadron
Size : L=6.75 cm W=12cm H=3.75 cm
Inventor : unknown
Patents : pat. apl for, unknown

Box maker : a company starting with an N: F. H. Noble & Co., Chicago, Illinois


1930s | 5 comments

Gruen "the Precision Watch" Box

BCN; Mon, 14 September 2020 18:17

Description. Plastic display box, outer paper box.

Period : Early 1950s.
Watch type : Unknown
Size : tbd
Inventor : Unknown
Patents : Unknown, "Pat Pend"

Box maker :BCN, "Made in USA"






1950s | 1 comment

Octagon Wristlet

Calibre 103; Fri, 11 September 2020 20:33

Model name : Unknown.
Type : Octagon Wristlet.
Period/date : Early 1920s
Gender : Female.

Case Maker :GRUEN
Case Material :18K White Gold, Platinum top, 12 diamond
Case Serial :9338
Case Style no :n/a

Caliber : 103
Movement Maker : Gruen W. Co
Movement Serial:n/a 15 JEWELS, 4 ADJS

Bracelet : TBD, not original.

Other info : Plat. Faced, Gruen, 9338, O 103. 18k. Gruen crown; not original.









One of the ads that Bernd found showing the closest match to this model. c; 1922.


Case also pointed out to me similarities in some of these from WCOW 1918. Diamond setting similar to 25E, among other things.


1920's | 8 comments

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