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Strap 012 (1012)

Tue, 10 September 2019 16:28

Model name : Continental
Type : Wristwatch
Period/date :
Gender : M

Case Maker :
Case Material : 14k yellow/pink gold
Case Serial : none
Case Style no : 039 (1039)

Caliber : 422
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial: none

Bracelet : none

Other info : shown in master book as yellow gold, but this watch has a slight pink gold hue to case & hands. Hard to see in pics. Dial & hands also slight variation from 14kyg one in master book, perhaps the pink gold version.




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Wristlet 103

Sat, 07 September 2019 01:14

Model name :WR 103
Type :Wristlet
Period/date :
Gender :Ladies

Case Maker :Gruen
Case Material :White GF Ultra Quality
Case Serial :1029210
Case Style no :

Caliber :179
Movement Maker :
Movement Serial:161570

Bracelet :




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Gruen ID?

Mon, 24 June 2019 16:55

"/vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=4700&private=0Hello all. Just got this beauty from a forum member. Hoping to learn a little more about it. I think it's style number 0091. Model 700. I'm hesitant to open it up because it runs so well. Here's pics. Anyone else have one? Advertisement? Model? Year? Pics don't do it justice. It's very nice looking, and a substantial hunk of metal. Thank you. /vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=4699&private=0

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1894 Colombus Railway King

Thu, 28 February 2019 20:29

Model name : Columbus Watch CO
Type : Pocket Watch
Period/date : 1894-1895
Gender : Gents

Case Maker : Waltham
Case Material : Coin Silver
Case Serial : 4145
Case Style no : Closed Face Hunter

Caliber : Unknown
Movement Maker : Columbus
Movement Serial: 230256

Bracelet : None

Other info : Stamped "Railway King". For all who knows this could have been re-cased or even redialed. I've seen other examples with the locomotive dial. Stories of Hampden copyright infringements with the railway wording could make this one hidden from infringement.

Came with a dozen or so other very nice gems. I'd have to say I'm no PW collector but money will always make someone do what they never thought possible. Shocked Equate this transaction to the likes of buying Amazon stock today at the price when it went IPO, insane!




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My smallest dialed Gruen!

Mon, 28 January 2019 00:08

No kidding! The crystal is 8.5 mm sq....about .5mm larger than my pinky fingernail.
You'll notice the watch head is sitting on a penny.
It's a WR 803 cal 275. The movement runs and keeps time!


Dec.21, 1954 Doris ad:

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My Gruen watches.

Sun, 27 January 2019 20:26

I need a place to post my watches.

Any corrections are appreciated.

Strap 61: (can't wait to change padded strap out)

Like a Strap 124 but it is reinforced green gold filled:

A Cartouche that I did not ID yet. 14k gold & sapphires.

Put a vintage pigskin strap on the "Pearce". I think it looks better than the original flex.

Thanks for looking.

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Import 88

Wed, 16 January 2019 22:30

Model name : Import 88
Type : Quadron
Period/date : Circa 1930
Gender : Men's

Case Maker : Weber
Case Material : 14k white gold with rose gold accents
Case Serial : 200445
Case Style no : N/A

Caliber : 119
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: 659400

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Import 300 Nurses Pendant/PW

Wed, 28 November 2018 20:28

Model name : Import 300 - Nurses
Type : pendant/pw
Period/date : c. 1940's ish
Gender : female

Case Maker : Gruen Swiss
Case Material : Sterling silver
Case Serial : none
Case Style no : none

Caliber : 415ss, 10 1/2'"
Movement Maker : Gruen
Movement Serial: none on back, but is stamped "unadjusted" around sweep wheel
Haven't yet removed dial to check for one.

Bracelet : N/A

Other info :

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cal 775

Mon, 29 October 2018 22:45

I believe this is a new one to the forum. I've had this for about a year & finally got around to taking photos.

It's not running but appears to be complete. It did come housed in a chrome plated brass case, but is not Gruen or WS signed.

Anomally is that the enamel dial is signed "Swiss" not "Switzerland".

I sure would love to get this running, but doubtful any parts needed may be available.

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Fathers old watch

Fathers watch I received when he passed; Mon, 01 October 2018 20:24

/vgforum/index.php?t=getfile&id=3779&private=0Not sure if which model. Most likely from the 50's as he was not in this country until 51. Case is a screw back and marked Gruen 14kt gold case

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