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Frequently Asked Questions [message #104] Sun, 12 May 2013 02:08
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In the words of the "Talking Head's" lead singer David Byrne from Once in a Lifetime, "You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?"
Answer - You like or potentially have a question on a Gruen Watch. Rolling Eyes
I've signed up and have posted, but my post requires 'moderator approval.' What gives?
Answer - Everyone that signs up will have their first post moderated. This prevents spam. Any subsequent posts will not be moderated if your first post has been approved. If you didn't wait until after the approval of your first post, these too are awaiting moderator approval. So, if visiting for the first time, post in the "introductions section" and one of the Mods/Administrators will get to it with all due haste. Please wait to post again and after this you'll have free reign. Please don't think we are 'censoring' you; we are just preventing the registration of spamers and spam-bots.
I have a watch that I inherited/found/bought/etc. What can you tell me about it?
Answer - In asking this type of question you will get significantly better replies if you also post photographs of the watch. A picture is worth a thousand words! Post photos of the movement, dial and inside of the case back and you will get the information needed by those that can answer this type of question.
Dude! Why does it say 'Gruen Apprentice' on my information bar? You'd have to be Fred Gruen to know more about a Gruen watch than me. What gives?
Answer - This isn't about how much you know this is an indicator of your participation on the forums. Everyone, even if Dietrich Gruen came back from the dead and signed up, starts at the 'apprentice' level. Just like we all did.
Something I posted was altered, changed or deleted by one of the admins/moderators. What the hey?
Answer - Your post was in violation of one of the simple rules posted elsewhere in the FAQs. Feel free to PM one of the admins/moderators and ask why if the reason wasn't posted with the edit.
I have a great idea for a new forum! Who do I tell?
Answer - You can post about your idea in the forums or you should feel free to PM one of the admin/moderators.
I want to post about my Hamilton/Illinois/Benrus/Longines/Smiths/etc. What is the appropriate sub-forum to start a thread?
Answer - This is a forum about Gruen. If you have something to say even if it is tangentially about Gruen it is fair-game for this community to discuss. Otherwise, consider a forum that is more specific to your particular non-Gruen brand.
My user information displays on top in my message posts. How do I change this to display it on the left or right of the message?
-Control Panel-> Account Settings -> Theme
-Change to "user_left" or "user_right"
Why is my posted picture so small?
We have set the default picture width to 400 pixels. If you want your picture available in original size, you should use the File Attachments -> Upload File option instead of Formatting Tools -> Insert an Image.
Who owns the forum?
Answer - This forum is under the direction of a few dedicated individuals. It is intended to not be owned by one individual and work is in progress to ensure that this forum and information shared by the community remains open to the public for the foreseeable future.

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