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Welcome to the Vintage Gruen Forums. This forum is intended to be a home for ideas, thoughts and serious research as much as a place for people to share a recently acquired addition to a collection or someone curious about a family heirloom found in a box.

Gruen lovers seem to be a special breed amongst watch collectors. We contend with a lack of records from the company and the many questions the remaining documentation has left. We seem to have realized that although we are individuals with personal areas of interest, it is the community and the sharing of information and knowledge which furthers our hobby and the enjoyment of collecting.  There is a strong bond of community that I believe stems from the mystery of the watches we admire so much. ...that and befuddlement is often best shared with like-minded individuals.

So with this said, those that might be new to Gruen or long-term members of the solid but small community of committed Gruen watch aficionados we present some basic rules:  

#1 - Be nice. Don't post or sent messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws. If you feel offended please contact the person personally (pm/email/phone) or consult with an admin. Unrespectful behaviour will be grounds for banning, a time out or removal of an user account. 
#2 - Content ownership. Contributors to these Forums retain right of ownership and privileges for each respective post you make and the content therein, and you may reuse your respective posts in any way desired, but not the entire message that contains other contributor's post(s) in addition to your own. Copyright is a legal process with the respective country of origin for the person that owns rights to material. By contributing to the forum, you grant the forum owner(s), administrators and moderators a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license for use of and the right to publish and distribute your posts, in its entirety or in part, for educational purposes, and to use for the promotion of the Vintage Gruen Forum and associated websites. You cannot demand removal of your posts or seek payments from the forum owner(s), administrators or moderators in relation to this license now or at any time in the future. 
#3 - Right to being removed. All personal data of an account holder can be removed on request by the holder to the administrators. Your account will be anonymized, removing any personally identifying information and you will lose access to this account. This however doesn't grant having posted content removed as part of anonymization of the request account. 
#4- Copyright granted or implied. Please do not post copyrighted material, unless you are the owner including images from books presently in-print. The vast majority of Gruen Company materials are fair-game for posting and are no-longer under copyright. If you want to post something that is subject to copyright protection, get permission and you will likely find it to be pretty easy if you secure it prior to posting.
If you can't get permission this web-app can help to determine if what you are posting is "Fair-use"
#5 - Sales interference. In discussing eBay listings you may use links to live auctions for educational purposes. Do not be critical of active auctions or 'live' buy-it-nows. This applies equally to any online sales site. If you are going to 'critique' a listed item, substantiate your claim solidly. The idea is to help people shop, as many people source materials, advertisements and watches from eBay. People also make a living from selling on eBay. Its a fine line to maintain.
#6 - Rule enforcement. Moderators/Administrators reserve the right to modify, edit or delete posts that violate the above rules. 
#7 - Rule promulgation. Administrators reserve the right to edit, modify, append or ammend any of the above or new rules.

To register for the forums, go here -

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